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PhilCare's SMART Check-up Card Is One Of The Best Corporate Health Examination Packages in Manila

I have never abused the word "busy" too much in all of my conversations not until I took blogging seriously. Events here and there, going online for long hours, a full-time work and a number of traveling in between. I admit lately I have somehow forgotten to be aware of my health standing because of my hectic schedule. 

Thank you to PhilCare for reminding me that health is wealth. Days ago, I received a box from them containing stuff that can help me start taking care of my own wellness - a moringa detox tea, two kinds of soap - calamansi and oatmeal, olive mist body spray, sea week facial wash and a jumping rope.  I am inspired once again to go back to a simple lifestyle of consuming more natural and organic products.  Also I am reminded to be active physically for the nth time. I actually live in a condo unit where there is a really great-looking gym complete with sports equipment and a swimming pool where I can boost my physical strength but it is a pity I am not able to use these. 

Most of all, the one I appreciated the most that came with it is the SMART Check-up Card, a health examination package that consists Chest X-ray, Complete Blood Count (CBC), Urinalysis and Fecalysis, Medical History taking and overall Physical Examination which costs only Php499.

The last time I had a physical health check up was in 2013 months before I quit my job. During the whole year of my freelance career in 2014,  I never thought of having one thinking it is only a waste of money because I feel I am in my pink of health.  But lately I just realized  that the more busy I am, the more I am exposed to stress, illness and everything else in between. Quoting PhilCare's own words "Health is not only about being alive; it is about being well. It is a state of achieving a complete harmony of mind and body. True health does not only entail avoidance of sickness; it is about taking charge of their lives and letting themselves attain a state of wellness so they can enjoy life to its fullest."

More details about the SMART Check-up Card:

This is specifically made for individual and corporate accounts needing APE or Pre-employment Examination package that could be availed at selected clinics in Metro Manila. This lets you know your state of health. It is important not just for you, but also perhaps for your employer or potential employer; that’s why they often ask you to take yearly physical exams. But quality physical examination comes with different services and each one carries separate price tags.  Not only that SMART Check-up Card gives you access to a complete set of physical exams from the best doctors and health providers in PhilCare Clinics and affiliated providers for only P499, all in.

PhilCare, by the way is one of the first and among the largest HMO companies in the country. PhilCare is striving to make health care services and its extensive and high-quality provider network available to every Filipino through various prepaid health card.

 Where to avail: PhilCare clinics

How to avail: Register through SMS before use. By appointment only; Card is surrendered upon availment; One-time availment

Additional Benefits:
a)  Preferential Rates 10% off on ultrasound procedures and 5% discount on laboratory and X-ray procedures arising from the use of the cards at the PhilCare Manila and Makati Clinics. One time availment only.
b) Access to PhilCare Go!Mobile Smart Check-Up lets you download your exam results via the PhilCare Go!Mobile App on your Android device.
c)  Participation in PhilCare 360 Wellness activities  You can also use your Smart Check-Up to become a myPhilCare member so you can enjoy exclusive deals and invites on wellness.
d)  Hassle Free membership
e)  No age restriction and no need for enrollment requirements.

For more information about the PhilCare Wellness Index, you may check their official website via and check below their presence on social media


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