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Yours Truly is Featured in ABS-CBN's Kabuhayang Swak na Swak Tv Show

I am super proud to share to everyone that I got featured in ABS-CBN's Kabuhayang Swak na Swak on Sunday, Feb. 1, 2015.  This morning show is hosted by Dimples Romana and Bobby Yan let you in on the inspiring stories of ordinary people-turned-successful entrepreneurs, get you informed of the latest job opportunities in the country, and eventually teach you how to start up and manage your own business.

How did I got this few-minute feature on tv? On Monday I received a call from Ms Raquel  Esguerra who introduced herself as the writer slash researcher of this program.  It was a very short call discussing about the date and time of shoot and interview. 

I asked her how did she found me, she said she was googling potential people to feature and she stumbled upon my blog. At first actually I felt my story is not worth enough and that there are more successful personalities that she could have tapped instead of me so I even offered her that I send a background information of myself. She said there's no need and that I am very much fit for their story.

I was until at the last minute never believing I will have this opportunity to appear on TV. The idea only sink in when I saw Ms Raquel, a cameraman and two interns picking me up from the lobby of the condo unit where I stay.

It is so timing that their topic is about 3 Lucky T's for 2015 which are Transportation, Telecommunications and Tourism.  I talked about how I started travelling and how I got an idea to set up an online store regarding travel and tours. I also gave personal tips to those who are also thinking of getting in to this kind of business.

I just cannot believe that this show which I used to watch before and get inspiration by fellow entrepreneurs  who have successful business has given me a chance to share my story. I would say it is not that 100% successful yet but I am getting there. Here is the link to watch the whole episode. Hope you watch it and share it :)

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