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Specific Places in Manila You Don't Want to Be Left Stranded In

The MMDA recently released a list of places that consistently and constantly get flooded when there are rains. A lot of these roads and highways see a huge volume of traffic everyday. If you missed the list, here it is again:

España-Antipolo-Maceda in Manila
P. Burgos-Manila City Hall vicinity
Osmeña-Skyway northbound and southbound, Makati
EDSA-North Avenue, Quezon City
Don Bosco, Makati
Buendia-South Superhighway southbound
Buendia-South Superhighway northbound
C-5-Bagong Ilog
West Service Road, Merville, Paranaque
East Service Road, Sales Street
North Avenue in front of Trinoma
Buendia extension Macapagal avenue - World Trade
EDSA - Camp Aguinaldo Gate 3
NLEX Balintawak - Cloverleaf
EDSA Megamall
EDSA Pasong Tamo Magallanes Tunnel
Quezon Avenue, Victory Avenue/Biak na Bato
C-5-BCDA, Taguig City
R. Papa-Rizal Avenue, Manila
C-5 Mckinley Road
C-5 Bayani Road
Philcoa Area, Quezon City

If you drive through these places often, chances are, your car would get stuck in flood-stricken roads at least once or twice, and your poor vehicle would sustain damage from the flood waters. If you failed to get car insurance to help pay for the damage repairs, you’d be shelling out a lot of money. Better to familiarize yourself with alternate routes, but some of us are not so lucky and live in areas that get flooded almost all the time.

But those are just places you won’t want to be driving in when it starts raining heavily and the floods start rushing out. Now, imagine this: you're on a road trip to Pampanga, but your GPS and your maps have gotten you lost. The highways have turned into dirt roads, and the sun is all but gone in the sky. Eventually, even the dirt road seems to have disappeared and thick vegetation surrounds your sides—and then your car runs out of gas. There is nothing but an abandoned building in the distance, one that is infamous for being one of the most haunted places in the Philippines and the world: the Clark Air Base Hospital.

You definitely wouldn't want to be stranded there, right? Here are other creepy and scary places you wouldn't want to be stranded in!

1. Balete Road & Broadway Avenue
The infamous Balete road is a quiet road in New Manila, as well as Broadway Avenue a few streets down. They also share a very creepy aura, especially at night. Urban legends tell tales of the “white lady” standing in the streets of Balete drive or suddenly appearing in the back seats of cars and cabs. Meanwhile, Broadway Ave. is dark and creepy, and is home to Our Lady of Mount Carmel Shrine, a gothic church that can send chills down your spine when you drive down the road on a quiet night.

2. Baguio
Where do we start with Baguio? The road to Baguio is already winding and scary due to the mountainous roads you have to go through. Then there’s the Teacher’s Camp, Diplomat Hotel, and the Philippine Military Academy, and that’s just the start of the many creepy and haunted places in Baguio. You wouldn’t want your car to suddenly stop at the abandoned Diplomat Hotel, a once thriving hotel that closed down in 1987 after its last owner passed away.

But even before that, there have been sightings of beheaded nuns and priests, as well as ghostly wailings through the Hotel’s halls. People say it’s because the Diplomat Hotel was where the Japanese beheaded many people, including children, during the second World War.

3. C.P. Garcia, UP
UP is already known for their college buildings filled to the brim with scary stories. Ask anyone who's worked or studied in UP and they can regale you with stories of many a nightly visitor. But, there is one winding road, between University Avenue and Katipunan Avenue, that you wouldn't want to get stranded in—especially at night! 

There's a popular urban legend going around, and it goes like this: A college kid was driving home alone late at night and was passing through C.P. Garcia. Another vehicle was driving behind him, and started flashing their high beams at his car for a few seconds, and would stop. It happened a few more times, until the college kid stopped and flagged the car behind him to ask what the deal was. The driver of the second car told him, "I saw a bloody woman in your passenger seat leaning close to you, but she would disappear whenever I flashed my lights on your car." Creepy!

4. Sagada
You might be wondering, why is breathtaking, beautiful Sagada on this list? Well, picture this: you're driving up to Sagada when your car breaks down on the road. There is nothing but a hundred meter drop on one side of your car, and a wall of mountain on the other, with nothing but miles of winding road ahead and behind you. 

Sure, you'll be treated to a beautiful view of the Benguet mountains or the Cordillera mountain range, but you'll be stuck in winding roads without help for miles. Plus, Sagada is home to the Hanging Coffins that automatically gives you plus points to the creepy factor if you get stranded on the road!

Don't get stuck in these scary places! Take good care of your car so it won't break down on you at the most inopportune moments. Some car insurance providers also have a 24/7 road assistance hotline that can send help from any part of the country, so don't hesitate to find a car insurance policy for your vehicle. Don't also forget to pack emergency supplies and tools in your car for moments like these. Most of all, drive safely!

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