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Chi The Spa's Secrets of The Sea Package at EDSA Shangri-La Manila

Just merely an hour after I checked in at EDSA Shangri-La Manila, I had to leave our gorgeous suite to go to Chi The Spa, located at the cornermost of Garden Wing Tower. I am super excited to take their Secrets of the Sea package, a luxurious two-hour and a half body massage and body scrub. Their own spot inside EDSA Shangri-La Manila is secluded, very much away from the noise outside. I remember the last time I had a really great pampering treatment was months ago in a first - class spa villa in Tagaytay. Both of them applies the same traditional Chinese philosophy Chi or Qi which promotes the good energy that should flow freely within our body. When blocked, diseases and ailments happen. 

In every Shangri-La hotel, there is a Chi The Spa unless of course if it is a high-rise type. I was told they are very much particular about the amount of space they want.  They want everything to be a combination of luxury, pure indulgence of body pampering and spacious!  

A scent of precious oil greeted me and quickly sooth my whole - being the moment I entered their premise. I love the indigenous design using wooden materials and also cannot help but be amazed of those metal figurines displayed and for sale.

A while ago I was running to catch my appointment and not to be late.  It was the melodious music and the warm ginger tea helped me to forget all my worries and just be there and savor every moment.

 A staff handed me a questionnaire about my physical health and anything that I would like them to know that can affect my treatment. I told them that I just had Botox a month ago so I would like them to not to put pressure too much in my head. Same goes at the back of my right knee since I got some serious veins there.

After a few minutes, I was led to a really spacious room.  The lady therapist asked me to spend at least 15 minutes to take a steam and shower to open up my skin pores. She said the effectivity of the treatment is maximized by doing this.  Then she asked me to take a sip of this cold alkaline water with slices of cucumber to balance everything. I just came from a warm bath that is why.

According to the Chi The Spa's package, the Secrets of the Sea treatment is part of their "Sense of Place," which are treatments that reflect the true sense of the Philippines - using local ingredients, botanical products and recipes combines with spa treatments for well-being. The treatment itself harnesses the healing properties of the sea - sound, scent, and the lulling touch of the therapist(s). 

For my body massage, she uses virgin coconut oil with ylang - ylang extracts. Superb! I so love the scent. The amount of pressure I told her is just light and she followed it exactly. From time to time I ask questions, she is very patient to answer me. 

For my body scrub, it was a combination of a certain kind of lotus and real salt all the way from Dead Sea of Israel.  I just cannot believe that I am getting this all the way from the place mentioned in the Bible!

Aside from the Shower Room slash Steam Room, there is another space that are complete with everything one needs: comb, hair dryer, cotton pads & buds, shower cap and a metal bolt which you can keep your belonging. You can put a security pin of 4 numbers to unlock it after. 

It seems the time stopped while I was there.  She even asked me from time to time if the temperature of the aircon is fine. She said she will adjust it should I want to.  I went back to my suite around 6pm already. I feel super relieved that I almost want to sleep right after. This meant my body really had one of the best body pampering treatment ever. 

For more details about Chi The Spa, please see below:
Phone: (63 2) 633 8888 or (63 2) 634 7303
Hours: 9AM to Midnight
Location: 4th & 5th Floor, Garden Wing

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