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Let's Go Camping: Adventure Holiday under Starry Skies

Do you want to escape from indoors activities and take a break from the city? Maybe you need to get closer to nature and spend your holiday away from civilization? If you are an adventurous spirit and want to spend an unforgettable time with your friends, camping is the right choice for you.

So, what does it take to stay in nature? The answer will largely depend on your habits and needs, but above all, it will depend on how many days you plan to camp, at what time of year, and what transportation will you be using. Since camping also requires resourcefulness and adaptation to the given situation, it is very important to make good choices when packing.

How good are your cooking skills?
A necessary part of the camping equipment is the cutlery. Many beginners make the mistake of opting for plastic ones that are brittle and easy to break. A better choice is aluminum cookware, which is light, practical and allows cooking on a fire. If you decide to carry food cans, bring the can opener. Don’t forget that your camping meals need to be planted in advance. Think about the conditions in which you will be camping and choose foods that can stay fresh in such conditions. Plan what meals you will cook or bake on your camping site and stock up on necessary ingredients.
Clothes for every weather condition
No matter in which season you are going camping, always bring at least one long sleeve t-shirt and full-leg leggings or pants. You will need a warm jacket too. Don’t forget socks and sneakers or boots, as nights are always colder. Bring a spare set of clothes as well because you never know how the weather is going to change. A spare blanket would be a great idea too.

GPS, maps, and a compass
If you are planning to camp on some unmarked ravines and forests, it will be best to equip yourself with a map, compass and GPS device. It is not bad to learn to use them before embarking on an adventure. This equipment will prove itself useful if you also decide to explore the nature around you and have some fun away from your camping site.

Find your perfect sleeping bag
Depending on the type of year when you are going camping, you can find sleeping bags for winter, summer and intermediate periods. Today's bags are mostly mummy shaped. This means that the tops are wide and the bottoms are narrow and have a hood. They are lightweight, modern and very compact. However, one needs to know how to sleep in a bag – you should wear only light pajamas. The reason is simple: the bag is designed to hold body heat, and the best way to do this is if your body is in direct contact to the sleeping bags material. If you are cold toss a blanket over the bag.

What about tents?
A cheaper tent can be useful for a short stay in nature. They are usually single-layered and are not recommended if it is raining. If you're going to a music festival to camp, this type of tent is a great solution. However, if you want to be safe and secure, buy a two-layer tent from a reputable manufacturer that can withstand both rain and a little bit of snow. The two-layer tents are often made of non-combustible material, and they are 100% waterproof. Such tents often have a small "foyer, where clothes, shoes and food can be placed.

Where to put the tent?
Before setting up your tent, you need to find a relatively flat surface for it. Make sure you set your tent as far away from the fire as possible so that it does not ignite accidentally, and away from the noise so that you can sleep. It is important to note that there is not much sleep in a tent after sunrise. When the sun shines on the tent, it becomes bright and extremely warm in it. If possible, set up the tent in the shade. This will give you extra sleep time.

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