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Dancalan Beach Resort in Bulusan, Sorsogon


Looking for a beach resort in Sorsogon? Check this out. If there's one beach resort that is part of my childhood memories, it is Dancalan Beach Resort in Bulusan, Sorsogon which is only an hour away from my hometown, Irosin. Living in the only landlocked municipality in the province of Sorsogon, we grew up seeing more rice fields than beaches. We learned to swim in rivers and hot springs instead. However, nothing beats the feeling of getting "carried away" in a sea of waves made of salty seawater that's why we do not mind spending two hours of roundtrip to Dancalan Beach Resort.

dancalan beach resort room rate

I cannot count anymore how many times I and my family have visited Dancalan Beach Resort. It is one of my favorite beachfront resort of my late father. Owned by the LGU Dancalan, Dancalan Beach Resort is not as stellar as the beaches in Boracay, Palawan, Camarines Norte, Surigao del Norte, Cebu, and Dumaguete that I personally visited. This is a public beach first and foremost.

dancalan beach resort room rate

In fact, I do not see a lot of tourists who would spend an overnight bus ride or pay expensive flight just to go to Dancalan Beach Resort. This beachfront resort in Sorsogon is always full of locals who just live nearby: families from nearby towns who would like to feel the beach vibe and/or those who have relatives or friends visiting over so they bring them here. 

It's totally fine to swim here wearing your typical attire inside your home. Actually, if you wear swimsuits, all eyes will be on you! Don't worry, this is how locals spend their time at the beach.

Dancalan Beach Resort vibe
The sand is grayish and shoreline is an ordinary scene for a beach in a remote and unknown town in the Philippines. The water and the waves are generally safe though I would always recommend that younger kids should be always guarded by adults while swimming or playing near the shore. 

There is a small space for parking outside that can fit several tricycles and motorcycles. I just don't know where are the buses, vans, and jeeps park. Dancalan Beach Resort's main entrance faces a big field planted with rice. It is such a relief in the eyes to watch these colored green stalks of rice swaying in the air with a backdrop of mountains from a distance.

Dancalan Beach Resort Rooms
Too bad all rooms were full when we went here during an ordinary day. How much more during holidays? We really want to spend a night in Dancalan Beach Resort and book for 2 rooms but we failed. Because of this, I suggest booking your stay ahead in this resort is a good idea. 

We opted to stay in a cottage without walls but when the rain came, one of the staff of Dancalan Beach Resort was so generous enough to offer an empty room where all staffs rest because my youngest sister is carrying her 2-month old baby. By the way, we are giving Dancalan Beach Resort extra two thumbs up because there's one power supply in the cottage where one gadget can be charged at one time.

I would say they have decent and well-kept rooms. For those who want to go camping, yes you can bring your own and pitch it there. Just not sure if there's fee to pitch. What I know is they don't have tents to rent out so better bring one. The house just a few minutes away that's colored yellow offers big camping tents for Php 800 per night that can accommodate 10 persons. Forgot to get his name but you'll find his house in no time.

Dancalan Beach Resort is not very big. We actually went for a walk at the left side and able to chat with its neighbors. This is what we like here in Dancalan Beach Resort because you get a slice of what's a day in Bulusan, Sorsogon like. We met a mom who was making a native hat from a local plant, saw a fisherman cleaning his fishnets, and played around the parked small bancas in the shore. 

Dancalan Beach Resort Amenities
The public comfort rooms need a little bit of cleaning. There's a room for KTV fanatics. I have seen a function hall where you can do events as well. I am not sure why I added it here but Dancalan Beach Resort will never have shortage for small stores because it has lots of stalls at the right side near the main entrance selling soft drinks, junk food, candies, and even products made of shells as souvenirs. There are grilling stations as well. 

Dancalan Beach Resort in Bulusan is open 7 day a week.  At the moment, there's no wifi here. Enjoy the beach. Don't touch your phone if needed. There are so many good memories that are worth enjoying but because we always want to take photos of us in that moment, we don't enjoy these moments of serendipity.

Dancalan Beach Resort rates
Entrance fee
- Adult Php 10
- Elderly/Child Php 10
Open cottages Php 100
Closed cottages
- Wash hour Php 350
- Overnight Php 1, 000
Parking fees
- Motorcycle Php 20 a day
- Tricycle Php 30 a day
- SUV/Cars Php 50 a day
- Vans/Jeepneys Php 50 a day
Function Halls
- Hall 1 Php 3,500 a day
- Hall 2 Php 5,000 a day

Directions to go to Dancalan Beach Resort in Bulusan
Via public jeep
Find the ones that are bound to Bulusan. Fair is Php 15. Travel time is 45 minutes to 1 hour.
Via private tricycle
Fair is Php 100-150 one way. Travel time is 30 minutes to 45 minutes. 

Author's note: We want this guide to Dancalan Beach Resort offer complete information. I do not know if they offer island-hopping tours so please, if you know the answer contact me so I can include it here. I would appreciate if anyone from my reader be able to add more relevant information about this resort as well as correct if anything I said is not true.

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