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The Legend Villas Hotel Now Offers Filipino Boodle Fight Sets For Sharing At A Very Affordable Price

Where to eat in Mandaluyong with your friends and family? You may have asked this question a few times specially if you're craving Filipino cuisine. You know, those food you grew up eating cooked by your mom, grandma or whoever in your family who cooks the food you eat daily.  It may not be as fancy as the Western counterparts but eating Filipino dishes bring back good memories. 

the legend villas mandaluyong hotel

The Legend Villas Hotel know your sentiments.  One of the leading hotels in Manila and the country known for offering superb Filipino hospitality, I always personally recommend visiting family members from abroad who are longing to taste food that were served to them by their loved ones since birth. I have personally spent a night here years ago that's why I can vouch for every word I share on this article. You can click HERE my blog post about The Legend Villas Hotel. Even the design and architecture of The Legend Villas Hotel makes anyone feels really at home because of its local themed architecture. 

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Aside from the warm welcome and genuine smile you get when you're in The Legend Villas, I would like to special mention its resident restaurant called Lola Maria's. It was named after grandma of The Legend Villas' owner. Lola Maria is an epitome of every Filipino grandma of yesteryears whose love for cooking Filipino food do not just satisfy her family's stomach in every reunion or holiday celebration. It is all about bonding and making sure to spend time together while eating a hearty meal. 

the legend villas hotel in mandaluyong

They say eating alone makes a meal less delicious. That's why The Legend Villas just launched Fiesta Boodle, a group-sharing kind of meal that you can enjoy inside Lola Maria's. For only Php 1, 800 you and your 3 other friends or family members can enjoy Filipino food without breaking your pocket. All sets are served with pancit, soup of the day, ensaladang talong, okra, itlog na maalat, rice, and drinks.  It has 3 options so up to you which one you feel like devouring! Since it is a set (not refillable or not unlimited), you can choose from a list of add-ons for the one that you want to eat more. Tip: if you want unlirice, just add Php 100. 

See below the sets and prices of what you can choose from Lola Maria's Fiesta Boodle:

lola maria's restaurant mandaluyong

Just a word of caution, again this is a set not unlimited serving. If all of you are dead hungry, you do really need to consider paying for the add-ons. You can eat with your bare hands for sure! Really looking forward to bring here my family soon. I do miss eating Filipino food served on top of banana leaves. 

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Note: I want to say thanks to The Legend Villas Hotel for the free dinner to try Fiesta Boodle through my blogger friend  Erica of The Girl With The Muji Hat invite. All views and opinions I shared on this blog are mine.

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