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Where to eat vegan, vegetarian, and plant-based food in Legazpi, Albay: Prasādam Green Selections

Looking for a vegan restaurant in Legazpi City, Albay? Check out Prasādam Green Selections, conveniently located near the airport of Legazpi, Albay. It's been a long time since I visited this place I used to call home for five years. A workshop brought me here over the weekend and I couldn't contain my happiness. 

vegan restaurant in albay

Now that I have been taking baby steps to embracing plant-based diet, finding a vegan or vegetarian restaurant is always on top of my priority whenever I travel.  That's why it was such a joy knowing that the venue of our workshop for two days was held in a vegetarian restaurant in Albay. 

vegetarian restaurant in legazpi albay

Only a year old, Prasādam Green Selections' location is very ideal to those who are looking for a restaurant that offers a menu of plant-based food before or after their flight. Prasādam Green Selections sits along Airport Road just right side of Terminal 2 Legazpi Food Park, the first ever themed food park and a great place to hangout at night in Bicol.  

vegan restaurant in albay

What I like about Prasādam Green Selections is that the list of food that they serve is simple and very appealing to general public. I believe this should be the goal of every vegan and vegetarian restaurants in the Philippines: to open its doors to other meat and dairy consumers because I was like them before. I thought being a vegan or vegetarian is like eating a piece of apple and a slice of banana every day. The first time I met a person who eats purely plant-based is a traveler from US was eight years ago. We were both "crashing a couch" via Couchsurfing website in Cebu. I was like, how can you even survive by just eating fruits and veggies?!

where to eat vegan food in albay

Prasādam Green Selections Introduction
I had a quick chat with the owner of this restaurant who is also a yogi.   She said she named her restaurant Prasādam after the Sanskrit word in Hare Krishna that means mercy. I am not sure why but most of the time, I always meet vegans and vegetarians who are also yogis. 

vegan food in legazpi city

Prasādam Green Selections Restaurant Vibe
This restaurant is quite small however what I liked about it is that it has a homey vibe. It has a wooden stand containing herbs for sale  and one side of the wall  is adored with wisdom about the benefits of eating plant-based diet.  

Another side of the wall contains some food and wellness products you can buy and bring home like coffee, pili oil, and more. Spending a few hours here is just like doing so inside your house. I like it that there's an outdoor seating. If we live nearby, I and my American boyfriend who always eat in a good restaurant every other night with our baby shih tzu will have our dinner or lunch almost every day.

vegan food in legazpi albay

Prasādam Green Selections Food Menu
They have Vegan Silog versions of the popular breakfast combo of  Tocilog, Tapsilog, Fishsilog, Chicksilog, and Calamasilog. For non-Filipino guests, they offer Classic Breakfast options like the  Veggie Burger, Veggie Egg Sandwich, Clubhouse Sandwich, Mushroom Sandwich, Crazy Monkey Banana Sandwich, and Hot cake served with hot choco/coffee. 

I highlighted these vegan particular type of food in this restaurant above for those who have this insecurity of eating plant-based food with a perception that this way of eating is only chugging fresh fruits which is a BIG LIE. 

There are a lot on their menu I have not tried to eat but was able to take a snapshot. I also regret not taking a photo of the entire menu so that I could have shared all the list of vegan dishes you can eat in Legazpi City, Albay.

That's it. This is not a comprehensive blog review just yet because I have only eaten here in a couple of days however I super love to recommend this not only for vegans and vegetarians visiting Albay but to all who are open to shift to plant-based diet.

prasadam green selections in legazpi city

Reason why Plant-based Diet Is Better Than Eating Animal meat  
(posted via Prasādam Green Selections' Facebook fan page )
Plant-based diets have been linked to a number of health benefits, including reducing your risk of heart disease, certain cancers, obesity, diabetes, and cognitive decline. Plus, transitioning to a more plant-based diet is an excellent choice for the planet.

Seven-day Vegan Meal Plan
Fruits and vegetables are reich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber. Fiber is a nutrient that most of us don't get enough of, and it has tons of healthy perks - it's good for your waistline, your heart, your gut, and your blood sugar. Science also shows that people's overall nutrition is usually better when they follow a vegetarian or vegan diet versus when they eat an omnivorous diet.

Fruits and vegetables are rich in:
1. vitamins
2. minerals
3. antioxidants & fiber

Fiber is a nutrient that most of don't get enough of, and it has tons of healthy perks - it's good for your waistline, your heart, your gut, and your blood sugar. Science shows that people's names overall nutrition is usually better when they follow a vegetarian or vegan diet versus when they eat an omnivorous diet.
1. weight loss
2. lower diabetes risk
3. healthier heart 
4. cut cancer-risk

vegan restaurant in legazpi city albay

prasadan green selections albay

vegan restaurant in bicol

I sent over a few questions to the owner so I can add here more relevant information about her restaurant so soon I can update it. I never had a chance to formally talk to her though we were able to chat a few times all throughout the workshop. She invited me once again to her restaurant for a sit-down interview while munching some of her plant-based snacks maybe but I am 3 hours away from Legazpi city so I am not sure if I can.

Hopefully she can respond asap with the following answers of these questions below:
1. Prasādam Green Selections' introduction about the owner. What's her  profession before this restaurant was established etc. When did she decided to be vegan?
2. Prasādam Green Selections' story behind putting up this vegan restaurant. Why or who inspired her?
3. Prasādam Green Selections food on the menu: who conceptualized it, how many dishes to they serve?
4. Prasādam Green Selections' food specialty. Among all the food the restaurant serves, which one is currently the most ordered?
Is there something else (not getting attention) on the menu that she would rather want all her guests to eat?  
5. Prasādam Green Selections advocacy and what do they want to be known for?
6. Prasādam Green Selections meal delivery. How much and what's on the menu?
7. Prasādam Green Selections complete menu list 
8. Prasādam Green Selections source of ingredients
9. Prasādam Green Selections capacity of total number of people who can sit at one time either indoor or outdoor option

If you have no time to go to Prasādam Green Selections but staying in Legazpi City, this restaurant also offers meal delivery. Check the links below to get connected:
Prasādam Green Selections Facebook fan page:
Prasādam Green Selections: Monday - Sunday 9am-10pm

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