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Tips and Hacks for your next Travel Adventure: The Camping Edition

Planning your next getaway? Forget busy tours and mandatory itineraries, make your own way on your own schedule. When was the last time that you went camping? If you’re new to the world of outdoor travel, here’s a four tips to get you started whether you’re planning the ultimate road trip or a long weekend away.

Cooking on the Go
Forget standing over a camp stove or camp fire when it’s wine o’clock. If you love your handmade soups, slow cooked meats and casseroles, a thermal cooker is a great investment for your camping trip. Dream Pot, EcoPot or Aldi’s model of thermal cooker are all recommended by seasoned travellers.These models have robust materials to withstand adventure through rough terrain. Some, like the EcoPot, feature variable wattages so you can connect to a variety of power sources, such as solar inverter! Simply use a heat source in the morning to prep your meal. Then, transfer it to your thermal pot which finishes the cooking so you enjoy a delicious meal by the end of the day – minimal fuss! Most come with a cook book to inspire your thermal cooking adventures.

Relaxing in Style
When you camp you get the chance to relax and recharge in natural surroundings. If space is no issue, a recliner or lounge type chair is decadently relaxing. If you want to keep your set up a little more compact, consider camp chairs and folding foot stools that can be more easily stashed away. Other features to look out for include a cup or bottle holder, snack compartment or even a phone holder.On the topic of relaxation, zippered annexes are very convenient if you desire an insect-free and shady space to kick back.

What if I need to “go”?
For some, needing a bathroom on the road can be an understandable source of anxiety.Staying in relatively populated areas will mean you can find indoor facilities at roadhouses or good old McDonalds. When camping, many people book sites in caravan parks which will have toilet blocks facilities – check online reviews before you book to get an indication of quality. However, portable camping toilets that flush do exist! In areas such as National Parks a chemical toilet may be necessary. If not – it’s biodegradable toilet paper and a shovel, or a bucket with a pool noodle around the top.

Planning ahead
Your itinerary can be flexible and not too structured – but there are a few things to think of ahead of time. Things to plan include: popular tours and adventures, your route, booking camping sites during peak periods, a few frozen or non-perishable meals in case supplies are unavailable. 

If you’re new to camping or an infrequent traveller, hire before you buy. If you can’t borrow one from a pal, look for caravan or motorhome hire in Melbourne or the surrounds so you can get a sense of the models and equipment you will need to have to get on the road. Happy travelling!

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