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Joined Flow Retreats For Pilates, Essential Oils, and Feast of Fresh Fruits

flow retreats pilates community workout

Flow Retreats is one of those boutique wellness homegrown brands in the Philippines I follow for the longest time. Because I am subscribed to Flow Retreats' newsletter, I am always updated of events that they offer. I just arrived in Manila after staying in Bicol for 17 days. My body enjoyed the slow-paced life in the province. When I went back, I felt uneasy and couldn't concentrate with what I do on a daily basis. It is like my body needs to take a break and be reminded I am back in reality: I should get used to the crowd, the sound of the noisy vehicles near our apartment, et cetera. That's why when I read an event invitation which was sent to all subscribed to their newsletter and through their social media channels, I quickly signed up and even tagged along my sister. Flow Retreats is already a decade old and as gratitude they are offering a series of free workshops.

flow retreats in manila

To be honest I don't go to Ortigas during rush hour because I don't want to get stuck in traffic. I haven't been here for such a long time that I am not familiar of the streets and buildings in Ortigas anymore. However, I gave Flow Retreats a shot and wow, I didn't regret at all. We even had to walk for at least an hour since we didn't want to sit in eternity inside a bus that's not moving at all because it is 6pm along EDSA avenue. We got off in Greenfields and walked all the way until we reached Loft Penthouse coworking space which is the venue of the event. Despite getting a bit lost, we arrived just in time. 

Noelle Hilario Flow Retreats

We were greeted by no other than one of the co-founders of Flow Retreats, Noelle Hilario and the other lady who turned out to be the Pilates teacher for more than a decade. 

doterra essential oils in manila

First part of this event is a short talk about essential oils. I had a client who let me do a research about essential oils so I know the biggest international brands out there like doTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils. These are really good, very potent, and high quality of its kind. The company behind this works directly with the farmers who produce the fruits that they use for these scents. I was so glad to know that for any discomfort or whatever negative feeling we have, there's a particular scent you can use. I also had a chance to smell some of the scents right from the small bottles of doTERRA. I can tell from the smell that it is not mixed with water and of high quality. I am thinking of getting the chamomile, lavender or frankincense since I have trouble sleeping longer than 6 hours a day.

loft coworking space ortigas

Second part of the event is a 45-minute Beginners session of Pilates. It is my first time to try such so there's a struggle. I was so surprised because Pilates is not like Yoga that focuses into relaxation but core movement of the body so it is best for athletes or active people. Our Pilates teacher said if we do this same set of exercise for the next 40 days every day, we'll have a new and revitalized body. Nevertheless, I did sweat a bit and really felt that my whole body was recharged physically and mentally.

makai bowls la union

Third part of the event is the feast of fresh fruits courtesy of Makai Bowls in La Union that is known for serving Instagrammable acai bowls, fruit juices, fruit-flavored popsicles, and smoothie bowls. Chunks of watermelons, papaya, pineapple, citrus fruits, grapes, raisins, almond nuts, and pomegranates were served on one whole banana leaf. Yogurt and creamy chocolate were served on a coconut shell as well. I didn't expect the sumptuous treat of plant-based food but my heart was singing with gladness. That tiring walk trying to find the venue and getting stuck in traffic was all worth it! I regret though I wasn't able to taste the mini-smoothies they have. We were around 20+ participants but they only have less than 10 glasses of mini-smoothies. I guess I do really need to go to La Union and order the real one!  

flow retreats free workshops

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