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Filinvest Land Is Building a Mid-rise Condo called Futura in Naga


Naga city is no doubt one of Bicol’s most famous and most promising cities. That is why I was not surprised to receive an invite about the launching of a soon-to-rise condo community here. Filinvest Land, one of the country’s largest developers have chosen Naga to be the next site to build a residential building. To give you an idea of the output, Filinvest Land is one of BCI Asia’s Top 10 Developers in the Philippines for the 10th year and Dot Property’s Best Developer in North Luzon and Mindanao.

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I haven’t been to Naga for years! I also stay in a condo unit in the metro so I can totally relate in this kind of lifestyle. In fact, I have lived in a few more condos so I believe I can evaluate a condo living from my own experience whether it is worth it or just a waste of money. We know living in a condo is not for someone who makes ten thousand a month, right?

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I spent a night in Legazpi City just to make sure I arrive on time for pick up. We left at 8AMish and arrived close to 11AM. It was a very simple get-together with content creators and local media based in Naga.  Since working with a client that is a champion of sustainability in another continent, I am now very conscious of advocating all things that promote green lifestyle. Futura by Filinvest in Naga is a low-density and sustainable mid-rise condo community. Even if they haven't invited me to feature them, I am personally going to share the word about this because this is exactly the kind of lifestyle I now try to incorporate in my life. 

Filinvest Land's commitment is to continue lifestyle that promotes sustainability that they dubbed as "Dreams Built Green". 

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"We are proud and excited to bring our blueprint of green and sustainable communities to Bicolanos. By bringing their home closer to nature, we wish to inspire our residents to lead healthier lifestyles. Wherever we are, we follow the very same ethos that has guided Filinvest through numerous successes in its over 50 years of experience - creating green and sustainable communities," said Tristan Las Marias, President and Chief Strategy Officer of Filinvest Land. 

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This new green condo community will form part of a bigger mixed-use development at the Heart of Naga City. The company is setting aside over P1 billion to invest in this 1.9 hectare development. "Naga is one of the country's fastest growing cities in the country and is no doubt the center of commerce and culture of Bicol. Our investment in Naga does not only exemplify our relentless commitment to building the Filipino dream across the archipelago but also cements what we hope to be a close partnership with Naga from now on," said Las Marias. 

Filinvest Land boasts of a strong presence in nine key areas in Luzon - Bulacan, Pampanga, Tarlac, Pangasinan, Metro Manila, Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, and Palawan. In 2021, the real estate developer was recognized as one of BCI Asia's Top 10 Developers in the Philippines for the 10th year and Dot Property's Best Developer in North Luzon and Mindanao. "Nurturing a diverse property portfolio in over 250 key areas nationwide is our way of reaching out to our fellow Filipinos and making them feel how it is to own their own homes. Filinvest truly builds the Filipino dream, and we are excited to once again do so in Naga," added Vince Abejo, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of Filinvest Land.

I am just really happy because friends always ask me if there are condo units in Naga I know! Moving forward I have an answer to give already!

FYI. Futura Monte Naga has been officially unveiled. Click HERE to know more about it. 

For inquiries regarding condo for sale in Naga, see below:

Contact person: Gizelle Ann Zita

Contact number: 09778075685

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