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Where to eat in Irosin: Casa Luna Blog Review

Casa Luna Irosin Blog Review

When I went home to my hometown, the one question I was so determined to know is if there are proper restaurants here in Irosin. Back in Manila, I literally have breakfast, lunch and dinner almost every day with the EX for the duration of our relationship that lasted for 3 years. I think we have eaten in hundreds of restaurants around Manila and I am not lying about it.  After our relationship ended, I became a foodie always searching for dining spots that offer good food in different cuisines. Though now, it has been quite specific because I now chose plant-based eating for the past 2 years now and no regrets at all. 

Casa luna irosin sorsogon

Irosin is a small world so it didn’t took long for me to discover Casa Luna which is an events place and restaurant as well. As a matter of fact, my brother’s wedding celebration venue was held in Casa Luna.  It was only just recently that the stars aligned for us to visit Casa Luna in Barangay Macauayan which is 10 minutes away from the town proper.

where to eat in irosin

Casa Luna is a restaurant in Irosin. I love the setup of outdoor eating with tables and seats which I asked beforehand because that automatically means I can bring my dog. For fellow fur parents, if you are looking for a pet-friendly restaurant in Irosin - Casa Luna is the answer. 


We were actually not really hungry the day we went to Casa Luna. We only ended up ordering vegetarian burger that include potato fries, vegetarian pili pasta, vegetarian pizza and fresh juices.  The vegetarian burger was a bit salty and the pili pasta needed a bit of more seasoning especially salt and pepper.  I don’t want to blame Casa Luna because they are new in this game. I am also sure there’s less demand of these plant-based food from their menu . I do hope as the time goes by, more and more people would choose the plant-based diet so we help restaurants improve their menu too. 

casa luna restaurant irosin

However, the fresh juices are the ones I love so much here. I am always looking for raw and healthy kind of beverages. Casa Luna aside from The Pili Haven is the best in serving really great tasting cold fresh juices that always include basil, cucumber and lemon grass. If you want a hot and nutritious kind of beverage, Casa Luna also offers a tea made of dried mountain herbs as well served with honey and calamansi. Love this so much!


GOOD NEWS! Casa Luna has also opened a branch inside LCC Irosin. This is such a relief because usually, we have no luxury of time to go to their main branch. I have eaten many times already in Casa Luna’s new branch. As expected, I ordered the same stuff always. The plant-based burger costs the same from Casa Luna’s main branch however this time, it doesn’t come with potato fries. Casa Luna also introduced plant-based burrito which I tried it once. Honestly, it needs some upgrade in terms of its taste. It’s not on the menu anymore. Maybe very few or it was just me who was able to try it and no demand for that after. 


They also just added another plantbased food on their menu, quesadillas. Love it actually. Though it was only made of the veggies plus the dressing. I wish there’s some mushroom or plant-based meat as well that would mimic the taste of the meat from the typical quesadillas. The one that Casa Luna serves is literally quesadillas but without meat. A German friend of mine whom I brought to have lunch there who has been vegetarian for 17 years actually like Casa Luna’s all-veggies quesadillas!

casa luna lcc irosin

I also once read  they just launched plant-based siopao however when I commented back to their Facebook fan page, I received no reply. I also went to the one in LCC Irosin but they said it is on order and don’t know the price yet. Casa Luna also serves real smoothies. I have to emphasize it’s real because usually the smoothies sold here in our town and even in other parts of Sorsogon are made of powdered form of fruits. In Casa Luna, everything’s fresh. I can tell because I can see how they prepare it with my own eyes. They even have two varieties: one with cream and one without. 

casa luna in irosin sorsogon

Over all, I give Casa Luna 1 million points for being the first or if not one of the first to  add vegetarian food in Irosin. I wish more and more establishments will follow the footsteps of Casa Luna here in the province of Sorsogon because I believe plant-food is the food of the future!

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