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Bulusan Lake and Volcano National Park List of Fees 2022

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Bulusan Lake Park has been closed for more than a year because of pandemic but last March 6th, 2022 it finally opened to public.  In our opinion, the long wait was worth it because it has so much to offer now. Facilities and new regulations were implemented to the comfort of the visitors and to make sure Bulusan Lake's pristine state is maintained forever.

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A day before its final opening, we visited Bulusan Lake to have a quick idea of its new look after undergoing renovation. We are from Irosin which is just neighbor to the town of Bulusan where Lake Bulusan is located. It only takes around 45 minutes to get there. Do we recommend the public to come see Bulusan Lake? Definitely yes. 


The place where the registration of visitors takes place has been transformed to a big building. It's so wide that I feel like I am inside a bus terminal in Cubao. It is divided into windows where you can transact everything. You will leave one ID to the staff then once you are ready to leave the premise, you will get this ID back. You even have an option to leave feedback from the staff who gave you the registration form to the driver of the shuttle to the tour guide etc.

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Vehicles of all kinds and sizes are no longer allowed to enter the mouth of Bulusan Lake. They should be parked to a designated parking lot with a fee. I definitely agree with this one because since forever, cars are brought in very near the mouth of  lake Bulusan which causes traffic and blocks the views of guests who are arriving.

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All guests of Lake Bulusan should either walk or take a shuttle to go inside. It's quite a long walk so definitely we suggest to pay the shuttle fee. However, if you have the energy and the time, we can say it is definitely worth considering to walk. Why? The views from and to Bulusan Lake inside the park is beautiful. It's like communing with nature. I love the trees, listening to chirping birds and just marvel at the moment of doing an outdoor activity. Walking is good for the health and if you want to save a little bit of money.

Bulusan Lake hanging bridge

There is a viewing deck slash bridge built in front of the lake. This is an outstanding idea. People can walk up the bridge for a much clearer view of Bulusan Lake or stay below if the rain falls. 

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How much is the entrance fee to Bulusan Lake in Sorsogon?

Regular Adult: PHP 50
Student with valid ID: PHP 25

Bulusanon with ID: PHP 25
Filipino PWD, senior citizen & kids below 7 yrs old: FREE

Environmental Fee: PHP 10

Massage: PHP 250

Paddling guide for kayak: PHP 100

Shuttle service(two-way): PHP 35

Park guide fee (per hour): PHP 150

Bulusan lake address

How much is the parking fee to Bulusan Lake in Sorsogon? 

Motorcycle: PHP 20

Tricycle: PHP 30

Cars/SUV: PHP 50
Jeepney/Coaster: PHP 60
Truck: PHP 70
Bus: PHP 150

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What are the paid activities in Bulusan Lake, Sorsogon? 

Trekking fee: PHP 10/head
Kayaking: PHP 100 per 30mins.
Stand Up Paddling (SUP): PHP 200 per 30mins.
Boating: PHP 600 for 5 persons, inclusive of 2 paddlers
Fishing: PHP 20/head

Bulusan lake sorsogon history

How to go to Bulusan Lake, Sorsogon
If you are coming from Sorsogon City, take a jeep bound to Bulusan then hire a tricycle to bring you to Bulusan Lake. It takes an hour from Sorsogon city to Bulusan then less than 30 minutes to Bulusan Lake. 

Where to eat in Bulusan Lake, Sorsogon 
At long last, there's a newly-constructed restaurant in Bulusan Lake called Sagurong Restaurant owned by Noel Belarmino to the left of the building where the registration of visitors of Bulusan Lake is done. We are going there soon to review the food and the place. Stay tuned! 

For the meantime, click HERE to read about this Instagrammable cafe located in the town center of Bulusan that you may visit after your trip to Bulusan Lake. If you want a beach, click HERE about Bulusan's most famous beach resort, Dancalan Beach Resort.

Curious how Lake Bulusan looks like in 2014? Read my previous article about it HERE.

Bulusan Lake's address is San Roque, Bulusan Sorsogon. For more information, you may contact Bulusan Tourism Office's Facebook fan page HERE.

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