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zoe's resort bulusan sorsogon

Have you ever seen a resort that is home to 3 waterfalls and 2 swimming pools? If you haven’t, just go to Zoe’s Resort in Bulusan, Sorsogon. I am sure, this is super worth it to include in your Sorsogon travel itinerary. Actually, not really. I was told some part of that resort specially where one of the waterfalls is located is still part of Irosin which is the neighbor town of Bulusan. As a matter of fact, I heard that the owner of Zoe’s Resort is from Irosin too. What’s the connection? None but for me it is worth mentioning. We are also from Irosin. Ok, back to the topic!

zoe's resort and eco-adventure park bulusan sorsogon

Otherworldly beauty. This is the perfect description of what’s inside Zoe’s Resort according to my sister who went there with her boyfriend recently. Think of listening to the water cascading from mountains, birds chirping and simply just enjoying Mother Nature at its finest. Yes, there are many waterfalls in Bicol region but to find a resort with 3 waterfalls is one of a kind for sure!

zoe's resort in bulusan

Things to do in Zoe’s Resort in Bulusan

1. Trek to the 3 waterfalls

Fee: Php 150 for 2 pax 

Trekking inside Zoe’s Resort is a must but with a tour guide is required for your own peace of mind. You can get lost in the vast space inside Zoe’s Resort. The waterfalls are quite far from each other. For your own safety, it is just right that Zoe’s Resort provides a tour guide to guests who want to maximize their time. When my sister asked the tour guide of his fee, he said any amount will do. However, when she checked  the website of Zoe's Resort Bulusan, it shows there that Php 350 is good for 10 persons as tour guide fee. 

From the main entrance, Kambal Busay is the first to reach then followed by Hidden Falls. Both of these waterfalls are pretty safe to swim.  Kambal Busay is pretty safe to swim but Hidden Falls is not. Literally, it is hidden and then you have to walk a little more to traverse to cascades of water and slippery big rocks.

kambal busay waterfalls bulusan sorsogon

hidden falls bulusan sorsogon

Hulugan Falls is the last one and the farthest. It is 1 kilometer away from the main entrance of Zoe’s Resort. For us from Irosin, we are used to call it Naglahao Falls. This is the one that I have seen personally many times but our entry point is coming from Danao Irosin lake. We only walk for 10-15 minutes to get here.

Naglahao falls bulusan sorsogon

2. Stay in the cottages

Fee: Php 250- Php 2000 depending on the size 

The  cottages inside Zoe's Resort in Bulusan has different varieties: umbrella, casa and hall. The umbrella type is the cheapest costS Php 250. The typical cottage which is entirely made of wooden materials is Php 250.  The casa which is like a slight upgrade from cottage because the table and bench are cemented costs Php 500. The halls are two casas combined cost Php 1, 500 - Php 2, 000. 

zoe's resort bulusan sorsogon

My sister and her boyfriend only spent few hours there so they were not able to take photos of casas and halls. You can click HERE to see the actual photos of these courtesy of the official Facebook fan page of Zoe's Resort.

3. Swim in the two cold spring pools

Zoe's Resort in Bulusan has 2 swimming pools. There's one for the adults with a depth of 7 feet and one for the kids with a depth of 3 feet. If you just want to chill out, this is the one you should check out but what's the point of going to Zoe's Resort if you are not chasing waterfalls?

zoes resort entrance fee bulusan

zoe's resort and eco adventure bulusan

4. ATV ride + Tractor ride + Bamboo rafting

UNFORTUNATELY, all these activities are not available when my sister went there. We'll just share the prices below according to the signages inside this resort:
ATV ride to 3 waterfalls: PHP 150 per 15 minutes ride
Tractor ride to 3 waterfalls: PHP 50 per pax
Bamboo rafting in their manmade lake: PHP 20 per pax

We have no photos of these but we'll go back soon when these are available in Zoe's Resort Bulusan.

5. Eat in Scad Kapehan

If you love Pinoy food and you eat meat, you have nothing to worry when you are in Scad Kapehan. This is the cafeteria slash canteen found inside Zoe's Resort. If you are like me who doesn't eat meat, I definitely suggest to plan what you'll buy and cook afterwards to bring here. Remote resorts outside Manila do not have plantbased, vegan or vegetarian food except for the traditional cooked veggies that may or may not include pieces of meat.

zoes resort entrance fee bulusan sorsogon


Zoe's Resort do not offer FREE wifi. Please talk to your friends. Let them feel your PHYSICAL presence. For God's sake, keep that phone out of reach unless you will take photos or videos to post on social media. Don't spend all your time impressing others through your images. Make sure you enjoyed the trip with or without posting the experience to social media.

zoe's resort and eco adventure bulusan

I know there's an influx of Google searches about travel packages in Sorsogon. My advice? Get one that will include Zoe's Resort and of course the famous Bulusan Lake. By the way, if you are curious where to eat in Bulusan that we super recommend, click HERE. I can also say that this is worth to file under Bicol trip itinerary.


ZOE'S RESORT AND ECO-ADVENTURE ADDRESS: San Roque 4704 Bulusan, Philippines



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