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7 Remedies to treat your dogs with ticks at home under Php 500 in Philippines

home remedies to treat dogs with flea and ticks

What to do with ticks-infested dog? This is definitely a big health concern for a dog because it brings a lot of problems from skin irritation to serious diseases.  My 4-year old Ollie has been infected a few times already by ticks. Here is a list of my recommended home remedies for dogs with ticks.

1. Nexgard! This is one of the most recommended I always read from different Facebook dog lover groups. It seems like Nexgard is the number one choice for treating ticks to dogs. These are chewable tablets that kill ticks for up to one month depending on the severity of the case. The fewer ticks, the easier it is to treat them.

Price: Php 419.46 

2. Organic fertilizer like Sevin Water Soluble Powder works too. Just dilute the powder in water, spray it on walls and screen doors. Just make sure to gather the fallen (dead) ticks and burn them, never crush them. 

Price: Php 430

3.  Vetcore spray is another one that is recommended by many dog owners. It is way more effective when combined with Vetcore anti-tick soap. The smell of Vetcore spray is mild so this is perfect for dogs who are sensitive to strong odor. One long-time user says he also sprays this to his house for general cleaning. 

Price: Php 292.65

4. Vet Core+ Wash out shampoo. Primarily used to kill lice, this type of shampoo can also kills ticks and fleas. FYI. Do not use any human shampoo to your dogs because the PH balance is affected. It could cause increase of bacteria, virus and skin problems.

Price: Php 495

5. Food-grade diatomaceous earth (DE) all around. Again, it should be food-grade! The color should be khaki. It's deadly to ticks and fleas, but safe for children and dogs. FYI. DE is also a good dewormer!

Php: 413.60

6. Baygon multi-insect killer in every corner of our house. Not only this is effective for killing cockroaches, ticks and fleas as well. Please make sure your pet, your family members and yourself is protected from the strong smell!  

Php 491.41

7. Pest control companies. It might cost you way more so think of it over and over again.

Natural ways to heal your dog that has been infected with ticks and fleas:

1. Boil neem leaves. Use the water to bathe your dog, mop the floors, and wipe the walls. Do this frequently and regularly. 

2.  Vinegar, baking soda, and detergent soap. Simply mix the ingredients together and apply the solution to your dog's coat.

Want to know the symptoms if your dog has ticks or fleas? They scratch themselves a lot of times and sometimes it causes wounds. Dogs feel uncomfortable because they seem to change position or move in different spots in your house.

Let's move on to how you can avoid tick infestations in the future now that we've discussed several natural and chemical-based treatments for ticks in dogs. When it comes to tick infestations in particular, prevention is always preferable to treatment. 

The following advice can help keep ticks from hurting your dog: Routine dog grooming includes combing and brushing your dog's fur. This will assist you in finding any ticks before they may cling to your dog's skin. Keep your dog's surroundings tidy by regularly vacuuming your home, washing your dog's bedding, and maintaining a debris-free yard. This will lessen the likelihood of ticks breeding around your dog.

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