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How To Use Involve Asia's Deeplink Generator So You can start promoting products and services


Done registering an account to Involve Asia's affiliate program? If yes, congratulations! This is the start of your path to earning unlimited money. Your next step is to generate deeplink so that you can start promoting your favorite products and services under Involve Asia. If not, you may click HERE to read how to create a FREE account on Involve Asia.

What is deeplink in Involve Asia? Deeplink is a unique and shortened link that corresponds to a particular product or service you promote. If you have 10 products, you should have 10 unique deeplinks to each of these. If you have a Facebook personal account on professional mode, a Facebook fan page, Instagram and Tiktok - this means each of these products will have corresponding deeplinks per your social media account. 

You cannot post the generated deeplink for your Tiktok in your other social media accounts. Each of these social media accounts should be registered and approved by Involve Asia first. Once approved, a social media account or page or website is called a property. 

In case someone buys from your deeplink aka IA link but you posted that in the wrong property - you won't earn commission.

Steps to generate IA link or Deeplink for the product you want to start promoting

1. Login to your Involve Asia affiliate account.

2. Ready the link of your product or service that you want to promote to earn commission via Involve Asia affiliate program.

3. Once you are inside your Dashboard, click Promotions tab. There is a dropdown menu that will appear showing Deeplink Generator, Banners & Coupons, Shoplinks, Datafeed Manager and Referrals. Please choose obviously, the first one.

4.  Another window will appear, asking you to input your answers to the following below: 
Select your property * 
Paste your URL to Product or Advertiser page *
Sub ID’s

Let me explain one by one the meaning of these. In the Select your property dropdown box, you will choose which property you will post the generated deeplink in a while. 

A property is a registered social media account/page or website/blog. If you chose your Tiktok account as the corresponding property, make sure this generated deeplink will only be posted via Tiktok account. If not, the commission you should get won't be given to you.

In my Involve Asia affiliate account, I have registered 5 properties that correspond to the following:
Maria Rona Beltran Facebook account (professional mode)
Maria Rona Beltran Tiktok account (professional mode)

IA deeplink generator

Let's say I want to promote this Lazada product to all of my 5 properties.

IA deplink generator

In Select Property, you will choose which social media account you will post this generated deeplink.
In Paste URL to product or advertiser page, copy first the link of the product you want to promote from a partner brand of Involve Asia athen paste here.
In Advertiser, you don't have to type here because it automatically shows what selling platform it came from. It is Lazada for me this time.
In SubIDs, you may add some keyword to a particular deeplink just to give you quick hint. The more you add products, the longer you will have a list of shortened Involve Asia affiliate links. It is important you have some sort of labels to save you from wasting time of knowing which is which.

You should have a total of 5 different deeplinks of this one product alone that should be posted to each of these properties and NEVER BE INTERCHANGED. If yes, you won't earn commission. 

IA deeplink

That is it! You are now ready to promote your affiliate links and earn from it! My next blog post is how to check conversions and clicks on Involve Asia. Stay tuned!

Once again, if you haven't signed up click HERE to create a FREE account on Involve Asia.

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