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How To Join Involve Asia's Affiliate Sign Up Program in the Philippines

involve asia affiliate program review

Everyone is going crazy right now about Involve Asia's affiliate program. I am not kidding! Why? Because it is so easy to earn money online with affiliate marketing.  As an Involve Asia affiliate, you have access to tons of different products and services that you can promote  without having to pay anything! All you need is your time, grit and of course you must be versatile in using online tools such as social media!

What is affiliate marketing?
Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting products and services then when someone buys from your own link, you earn a percentage or commission! You have nothing to worry after this. The seller will take care of the rest. 

I was an affiliate program manager for a couple of years way, way back. I know how our top affiliates are earning hundreds of thousands of sales abroad. This is why I decided myself to be an affiliate because there is no limit to make money online. As long as you are determined to share products and services that are beneficial to everyone, you got this!


1. Please sign up using this link 

Choose Publisher.

2. The registration form of Involve Asia's affiliate program is divided into two parts: Account Details and Property Details. 

Account Details is where you will enter your basic information. All of the information being asked from Involve Asia's account details are very self-explanatory except the Account Display which is the name you want the online world to know you. Some people don't want to divulge their real name or they wanna be called in certain ways so this is where you enter this kind of information.

Property Details is where you will put the links of your social media accounts that you will use to promote IA links. Bear in mind that if you have Facebook account, Tiktok account,  Youtube account and a blog - you must enter these one by one as separate property. 

FYI. If you posted an IA link in the wrong property, you won't be paid for the commission. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO only post the right IA links associated to the corresponding property.

involve asia com

See below what I typed when I registered our 2-year old Facebook fan page, Lantuag Sa Sorsogon: 
Property Type: Influencer 
Property Display Name: Lantuag Sa Sorsogon 
Property Category: Travel 
Country Traffic: Philippines

For this blog that has been around 14 years, this is how I registered via IA's affiliate program: 
Property URL:
Property Type: Content
Property Display Name: Travel and Wellness with Maria 
Property Category: Travel 
Country Traffic: Philippines, USA, Canada, Singapore

The way I understand it in property type, if you are registering a social media account - choose Influencer. If it is a website/blog - choose Content.
If your site is about coupons or promo codes - choose Cashback.

3. Check the box that says "I agree that I am the owner of the property submitted and my property does not contain inappropriate content". Make sure before sending your application that the contents shown on your accounts are decent and not controversial. Make sure, of course, that you are posting high quality photos and videos because how can you encourage someone to buy a product you review if they are not seeing it clearly?

4. You should also read this line and be aware of what this means that is located just below the one I discussed in #3: By creating an account, you agree to Involve Asia’s Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy. Involve Asia has the rights to block your account and/or scrub your commissions earned if we find any breach on our terms.
You may now click Create Account in red textbox. 

How long should you wait for your Involve Asia's registration for its affiliate program to be approved? 
They say a few days. However, mine is just a few hours.

How would you know once you are approved in Involve Asia's affiliate program?
You will receive an email from the email address you registered. Make sure to check your spam folder if you haven't received any yet. 

Why should you enroll in the affiliate program of Involve Asia when you can just do the same separately to every brand's direct affiliate program? Well, if you plan to just join 2 affiliate programs, go ahead. However, if you plan to promote 10 or 100 different brands, would you have all the time in the world to create an account to each of these and monitor your conversions every day? If so, why not! 

Direct affiliate programs such as Klook, Shopee and Lazada which are Involve Asia's three most-sought brands are much more strict when they approve accounts.   Involve Asia is quite lenient but still holds credibility of how they select affiliates to work with.

What are the requirements to join Involve Asia's affiliate program? You should have at least ONE active social media account that you will use to register to IA's affiliate program. A thousand followers minimum is recommended, though in reality, follower count doesn't guarantee sales at all. 

Click HERE to sign up FREE to Involve Asia's Affiliate Program
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