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Where to stay in Prieto Diaz, Sorsogon: Consan's

consans prieto diaz

Are you looking for a pet-friendly beachfront resort in Prieto Diaz, Sorsogon? There's a newly built accommodation called Consan's specifically located in Barangay Lupi. Consan's Beach Resort in Prieto Diaz reminds me of the famous Lola Sayong in Gubat, Sorsogon. Both boasts A-frame wooden houses and also beachfront. In Consan's, you have to pay extra to connect to the Internet. The stability and how strong the WiFi is also not guaranteed. In Lola Sayong, WiFi is FREE and even sponsored by DICT. I am a remote worker - one who works full-time at home. That is why it is very important to me that wherever I go, I always make sure there's stable Internet connection. 

beachfront resort prieto diaz sorsogon

If Internet connection is very important to you, I suggest staying at SEAMANCOR instead. It is another affordable place to stay in Prieto Diaz. You may click HERE our personal experience when we spent few nights there. If you think about  sandy toes, salty hair and pretty much a  quick escape to the beach - Consan's is the one for you. Their tagline - Simply Seaside says it all. 

where to stay in prieto diaz sorsogon

If you are not into surfing, Consan's is also the best spot for you. The waves are generally more gentle. The one and only Mount Mayon is also very visible except cloudy days. Mount Mayon is 3 hours away located in Albay.

Entrance fees:
Adult - P40 
Senior & PWDs: P36 
Kids: P20 Kids 
3 yrs and below: FREE 

Operating hours: 
Mon-Sun: 8am-8pm 
Check in/out time: 12noon-10am

Accommodation types:
Kubo Magwayen (2-4 pax): PHP 2,500/night PHP 1,500/day stay No AC, 2 single mattresses 
Kubo Haliya (2-4 pax): PHP 4,000/night PHP 2,000 day stay No AC, 1 queen mattress 
Kubo Adlao (2-4 pax): PHP 3,000/night PHP 2,000/day stay No AC, 1 queen mattress 
Kubo Maguindara (2-4 pax): PHP 7,000/night PHP 4,000/day stay No AC, 1 queen mattress and 2 single mattress 
Kubo Apolaki (6-9 pax): PHP 8,000/night PHP 4,500/day stay No AC, 3 queen mattress Cabana PHP 800 (day stay only, 8am-8pm) Min of 6 & max of 8 persons only 
Barong-barong: PHP 150 (day stay only, 8am-8pm) Min of 4 & max of 6 persons only 
Papag (Bamboo beach chairs): PHP 50 (day stay only, 8am-8pm) Comfortably sits 1 to 2 persons

overnight stay in prieto diaz sorsogon

My sister and her friends booked Kubo Magwayen which can accommodation up to 4 pax. The ground floor is for dining with a table and 4 chairs. Upper floor is for sleeping. Bedroom floor is covered with "banig", a traditional wooven mat that acts as a carpet but definitely with more tropical vibe. There are two single beds incuding pillows, throw pillows and beddings. They have wall fans to cool off guests.

pet friendly accommodation in prieto diaz sorsogon

They have a spot where they call indoor kitchen but cooking is not allowed. It is only for the purpose of preparing food etc. Toilet and shower is one per kubo or hut. There is a small upstairs balcony if you want to look around. There is also a small outdoor lounge where there are two small bamboo chairs (pagpag) for added simple beach indulgence.

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