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Pet-friendly Cafe that serves Pet Menu in SM By the Bay, MOA

pause pet cafe and grooming shop in sm by the bay

If you are a regular reader of my blog and or you follow me on my socials, you will notice that I and my furbaby are always hunting pet-friendly restaurants in Manila. In fact, we just visited Pause Pet Lodge and Family Cafe just recently to have my furbaby Ollie eat what they offer from their pet menu. Well, actually this was unexpected. We have long been planning to go to SM By The Bay to check them out but we can't find the right time. It finally happened after we joined a pet-friendly event in Manila. Dubbed as Holi Festival of Colors in Manila, we started walking to the left of the road to find the nearest footbridge to cross to the other side so we can reach SM MOA. 

Pause Pet Lodge and Family Cafe

While walking, I stumbled upon this cafe. Holy cow! This is the moment we are waiting for. It was already past 7 pm when we arrived but totally fine because we are already hungry. When I mention "we", this means me and my furbaby Ollie alone. Pause Pet Lodge and Family Cafe is one of the most spacious pet cafes I have ever seen honestly. Just a week ago, I also visited another pet cafe in QC called Puppy's Kitchen. This pet-friendly cafe serves menu for humans and pets. You can click here my experience with other pet influencers in Manila.

pet friendly restaurant in sm moa

My dog Ollie is picky and he eats more table/human food nowadays. We have been to many restaurants in Manila serving pet menus but he only likes some food served for dogs. The menu for pets of Pause Pet Lodge and Family Cafe consists of: pasta w/ meatballs, tuna pasta  w/ olive oil, chicken nuggets, healthy buggets, carrots & oats pupcake, beef & oats pupcake, donuts at beef meatballs  w/ gravy. I ordered the last one for Ollie. Good thing I chose the right thing because he ate 4 out of 6 of these beef meatballs!

pet friendly restaurant in moa

What I like about Pause Pet Lodge and Family Cafe is that it has outdoor seats and tables in front and also at the back! The grooming area is in the left side which is also as big as the cafe itself. You can have your furbaby groomed here then while waiting, get something to eat OR once your furbaby is done, order food for you and for your furbaby.

pet friendly cafe in moa

Pause Pet Lodge and Family Cafe has Kiddie section which is in the indoor part where kids can play the toys and read books for free - just don't bring these home. There are also pet essentials that can be bought like pet shampoo, dog treats and more. Pet birthday parties are also welcome here as well as fun activities for kids.

pet cafe in pasay

My favorite part here is the back outdoor section that is nearest to the sea. Though we didn't really actually saw any waves or even hear any sound of it because it was night and the music from the neighbor restaurant has live singing performance. It was too loud and take note, Pause Pet Lodge and Family Cafe has music too but not so loud. However, it doesn't really sound good listening to two music at the same time.

where to eat in sm moa

I love the bean bags in the back part. I swear! It gives me this beach vibe from Boracay or La Union. I literally laid down on one of the bean bags like I was feeling completely at home. There were few people so I don't think doing this will cause convenience to them. I and my dog normally do not spend a lot of time after I am eating in any pet friendly cafes but here it was not the case. We spent almost two hours just soaking up the vibe even though I have to say the only thing that irritates me is listening to two songs at the same time.  

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