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Blogapalooza PH organizes Lunch With Furparents and Furbabies

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Do you want your pet to be a pet influencer in Manila? Check this out. Blogapalooza is one of the earliest Manila-based influencer marketing company I have ever known. In fact, it was in 2013 when I joined its annual event connecting content creators to brands. Back then, "content creators" and "influencers" are unknown words. The keywords are "bloggers" which yours truly belong and later on Instagram(mers), Youtu(bers) and Tiktok(ers) came next. I also joined Blogapalooza's very first paid masterclass called Influencerprenuer back in 2020. Pandemic happened so I moved back to Sorsogon living there for 2 years so I was basically out of reach in the content creation scene in Manila.

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I came back to Manila only in 2023 and just celebrating my first year as a Manila-based content creator and slowly regaining my connections back in the blogging/vlogging community. From a travel and lifestyle content creator since 2009, I have shifted to be a content creator who focuses on anything but pet-friendly. To expand my network, I have joined many Facebook groups like UGC Creators Hub, UGC Comunity PH and UGC Creators Philippines. I only recently discovered that Blogapalooza has its own Facebook group for content creators which was named BlogaFam: Blogapalooza Philippine Influencers Community so I joined too. I couldn't remember when was that and I barely see the group posting on my feed until a few days ago an announcement about a lunch in QC looking for content creators who have pets and or/pet influencers. I quickly joined without expecting I will be chosen because this is my first ever sign up to their event and for sure they don't know me.

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Dubbed as BlogaCares for the BlogaPets, this event is a meetup of furparents and furbabies in Puppy's Kitchen. This pet-friendly cafe in Quezon City offers two kinds of food: for humans and for pets.  If you want to know more, click HERE my blog about restaurants and cafes in BGC that offer pet menus.

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This honestly the most chill pet-related events in Manila I have joined. No programme or any required activities to do though I don't mind to participate in these. It was purely a lunch hanging out with fellow petlovers in Manila. Honestly, I was looking forward for a pet trainer who was mentioned in the banner invite but there was none. I think unexpected circumstances happen. It is totally to me because I still enjoyed the company of newly met furparents in Manila.


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Joining me in this pet event are Kat and Jing of Blogapalooza then the rest are fellow content creators with their pets all based in Manila. I am and will always support brands and events that promote camaraderie for pet lovers in Manila. I also have an own Facebook group of very active doglovers in Manila sharing thoughts and throwing questions to each other about anything pet-friendly. You may join HERE

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