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baker j bgc

I learned about Baker J during our trip to Timberland Highlands Resort. Baker J is the resident cafe inside this majestic resort sitting on top of the upper slopes with a mesmerizing view of skyscrapers in Manila. With its pastel color, delicious pastries especially the meringue/cake with mango flavor and Parisian vibe, Baker J left quite a mark in my mind. I quickly followed the Instagram account of Baker J. That is when I learned that they have already opened one in BGC.


 Baker J BGC did a contest on IG that I joined and surprisingly won. The prizes were Afternoon Tea Set, macaroons and fresh real flowers from The Flower Gallery PH. It was really a good timing because I wanted to just dine out in my birthday so I availed this prize during my very special day. 

We went to Baker J around 10am to avoid traffic going to and back our home. We were expecting that we'll be eating there but we were surprised that the pastries that came with the Afternoon Tea Set is already inside a to-go box. We were expecting these will be served to us in the tower for tea sets but nope. I know tea sets of course include a cup of tea so I also asked if I can get a cup of chamomile tea which they obliged to give.

 I initially asked what is in Afternoon Tea Set of Baker J since they said the prize is good for 2-3 persons, the response from the official IG account of Baker J were: raspberry pistachio tartlet, raspberry eclair, dark chocolate passion fruit mousse, macarons, scones, truffle brie cheese sandwich, smoked salmon cream cheese sandwich and croque madame.  However, what we received were just half of these. It was really a wise decision to just tag along my sister. I was planning to bring another friend coz they said it is good for 3 pax. Anyways, it is totally fine. We know this is just a contest and we are not paying in full.



We were actually two winners of this IG contest. The other winner whom I didn't know personally also sent me DM asking what I got. I showed her the photo and she showed what she got too. It appears that she also received half of the Afternoon Tea Set. She also said that is totally fine. This is still a blessing to receive something complimentary. Baker J BGC has a hint of a fine dining vibe in pastel colors. I love that it has outdoor seats too. Most of all, Baker J BGC allows fully vaccinated, potty trained and well behaved pets inside. They have pet policy posted on their IG account. 


Also included in the prize I won is a bouquet of fresh, real beautiful carnation flowers in different colors from The Flower Gallery PH. It is an online flower shop offering fresh flowers on occassions too. I was so lucky to have received one of their Valentine editions. It also came with a succulent that survived up to now.  If you want a personally curated  bouquet made of fresh  flowers, I totally recommend The Flower Gallery PH.


Since we saw that our prizes were already in to-go boxes, we decided to just go elsewhere since that time our tummies are still full. I am crossing my fingers to dine in Baker J BGC soon with my furbaby. 

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