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The Polecats Manila's 4th Dance Recital, "Stellar Goes Pop"

Part of every grown - up woman's dream is to learn some sexy dancing because of these reasons: to boast her femininity more and/or impress her romantic partner for whatever reason she may have. 

Poledancing is one of those that really helps a woman reach that sexy feeling of being adorned or fantasized. More than wearing those sexy outfit is the woman behind who wants to fulfill one of the epitome of being just herself.  Now here in the Philippines, being a conservative country,  sexy dancing like "poledancing" and "striptease dancing"  are still considered "sinful" to some. I remember days before this event I was asking friends to come join me as Polecats Manilas gave me 2 free tickets to their 4th annual summer dance recital entitled "Stellar Goes Pop". Most of them the first impression is "Really is there such a formal and legitimate class like that?"

STELLAR GOES POP: Polecats Manila Pole and Aerial Summer Show

Polecats Manila, the country’s first organized pole dancing group, opened our studio doors and have been holding pole fitness, aerial silk and aerial hoop classes the past year. Anyone daring enough to add more spice to their workout was welcomed to the exciting sessions. More than 400 students have enrolled, with a new face popping in every day.

It is Polecats Manila's summer tradition to stage a dance recital every year. This year “STELLAR GOES POP” happens on June 7, 2013, 7:00 PM, at the AFP Theater, Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City. The show is Polecats Manila’s 4th Summer Recital and is aimed at highlighting the skills and talents of the students fondly called the Pole Kittens, Tigers and Cougars. 

The show will feature our recitalists and guests doing pole, aerial silk and aerial hoop routines to pop songs from the 70s to 2000s. It will be an exhibition of art, athleticism and passion for this newly-respected art form. 

We believe that every trick, climb and spin can become strength, grace and art. As a performance group, Polecats deliver fluidity in motion, with performances that fuse ballet, jazz and gymnastics. Every performance is a reminder that the extraordinary is our specialty.