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Polecats Manila's 5th Year Celebration, PRISM: Expressions of Flight and Light

It has been six months since I watched Polecats Manila's 4th Dance Recital, the "Stellar Goes Pop last June. I just cannot believe that time runs so fast because last Sunday Oct. 26th I was once again invited to watch their show. That was the very first time I actually got a personal glimpse of poledancing, aerial hoop and aerial silk performance on stage. This time they are celebrating their 5th year with a theme of PRISM: Expressions of Flight and Light.  The venue and crowd is a little smaller compared to the first one but it was just enough for everyone to get a closer look of their amazing dance numbers. It is as if you will tell yourself "How come they are so good? followed by "I want to be like them".

Polecats Manila started from a small group of 11 giggly girls trying to lift themselves. After five years, they are now a family of 20 men and women defying gravity on the pole, hoop and silk. They used to rent a small studio unsure whether they will attract people to join them. But look at them now, they already own a hundred square meter dancing space with hundreds of students who enrolled since then.

Polecats Manila wants to become the prism which turns the ordinary to extraordinary, taking dull grays and changing them into a plethora of colors, spilling out and over boundaries,without limits and ends. That night they were able to prove that yes they are. They have given a one-of-a-kind performance truly worth-watching for. From the music, to the outfits and of course to their dance moves (some are death-defying i would say), they were able to pull it off.  They are also an epitome of a group of people who really follow their passion and someone to look up to when it comes to giving importance to creativity and fitness.

It's a pity though because of heavy traffic I arrived a bit late and missed the first few performances by  Tarsius (Manila-based band known for their electronic music) and Vitamin See (known for creative uses of manipulated projected images as a live performance medium) .  

More photos below:

To those who are interested to join any of their classes: poledancing, aerial class or aerial silk , you may visit their official website Thanks Hannah Villasis of Flair Candy for inviting me.

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