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Barkada Chicken Inasal Serves One of the Best Filipino Comfort Food in Manila

I would say I have been around the world because of doing food reviews. I have dined in the most exquisite restaurants around the metro enjoying sumptous dishes of other countries while wearing my hat as a blogger. But I have to admit, among them my heart and palate will  always belong to our very own Filipino dishes.

Speaking of, there is a newly-opened restaurant that serves one of the best and most-affordable comfort food in Manila. Their menu includes our all-time favorite dishes such as sisig, chicken inasal, crispy pata, et cetera. Setting aside the business aspect, restaurants that offer authentic Filipino food also promote our tourism by showcasing our culture and heritage through our very own cuisines.

Let me share to you what we ate:

Chicken Inasal (Pecho P115 & Paa P98)
Grilled chicken dish done by marinating chicken pieces in a blend of spices

I have been to Iloilo and Bacolod, both found in Vizayas reguion where the chicken inasal originated. Comparing this to the one there, the taste is very similar. We chatted with their resident chef, he said that there is no way that their diners will get a bloody chicken because they use a special technique to prevent that. The size is a bit overwhelming too because it is served bigger.

Crispy Pata P320
Fried pork knuckles/ legs served with a soy, vinegar and spices. 

Whew, the crispy deep fried skin is very tempting! Just make sure to workout after you eat a lot of this or eat in moderation!

Sizzling Sisig P110
Parts of pig's head, ears and liver seasoned with calamansi and chili peppers usually served hot topped with fried egg, mayonnaise and garlic slices.  

Oh my gosh! Another temptation in a plate. I love sisig so much especially with a cold can of beer. Again workout or eat in moderation... a friendly reminder.

Soy Chicken half P130 whole P250
Fried chicken marinated with special blends of spices served with 4 slices of friend saba banana. 

This is the most good-looking and photogenic dish we had. I love it! Fried very light and the smell of marinated sauce is so tempting you will find yourself having a bite of it.

Pinakbet P80 
Made from mixed vegetables steamed in fish or shrimp sauce using bagoong (fermented fish)

Finally we had veggies to balance the meat we devoured! This one is also a personal favorite because it includes a lot of greens (eggplant, okra, tomato, string beans etc) for a healthier lifestyle.

Kare-kare P165
Made of beef stew flavored with ground roasted peanuts or peanut butter, onions, garlic then vegetables (eggplant, Chinese cabbage, asparagus etc).

I found myself eating the steamed rice mixed with teasponfull of peanut butter sauce! Superb combination.

Lumpia Shanghai P75

Deep-fried ground pork, beef or vegetables wrapped into rolls. 

Though this sounds Chinese of origin,  lumpia shanghai belongs to our list of all-day dishes. I have not seen a single party especially during birthdays without this.

Now on to two of our all - time most favorite Filipino desserts :)  Should I need to give further introduction to these below? 

Buko Pandan P20

Mais Con Yelo (P35)

Ripe mango shake P40 and Green Mango shake P40

For beverages, you have a lot of options aside from these. Please check the list below:
Iced tea (P20) 
Bottomless iced tea (P30)
Watermelon shake (P40)
Hot tea / coffee (P25)
Beer (P45)

They also serve all - day breakfast in four variants (tapsilog, tocilog, longsilog and adsilog which is pork adobo ). All for P65 only! Since we Filipinos love ordering extra for our meals the egg is P15, plain rice is P15, garlic rice is P17 and atchara is P10.  Very affordable right?

Barkada Chicken Inasal address is at 3270-D Armstrong Ave., Merville Access Road ((near Total Gas station), Pasay City. You may check their via or contact them via 776-7026 and 09175737026.

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