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The Aeternum Garden Columbary Park Philippines, The Best Resting Place For Your Departed Loved Ones in Manila

Back in my hometown, our house is located just five-minutes away from the public cemetery. I grew up in the same street seeing often probably the saddest procession of people crying either dressed in white or black while slowly they follow a funeral car that carries their dead family member inside a casket to be brought to the final resting place. 

As a kid I spent hours playing inside the cemetery by hopping from grave to grave. My impression until from someone who grew up near this place is that that a cemetery will always be dull and the least place I will ever visit unless I need to visit my relatives who passed away especially my dad. May his soul rest in peace. Aside from the fact that it is literally scary because it is where dead bodies are kept, it has this aura of nothingness. 

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Last Sunday, along with fellow bloggers we visited the Aeternum Garden Columbary Park situated inside Heritage Park in Taguig City.  I was all wrong.  Honestly without the sight of tombs and signage that tell this place is a memorial site, I will definitely refer to this place a well - designed park that everyone would love to spend their leisure hours strolling around.  We actually enjoyed taking photos and seeing an airplane from a distant passing by every now and then is such a joy for someone like me who loves to travel.

The Aeternum - The Park Estate Columbary, is dubbed as the country's first True Garden Columbary because it has facilities best suited to be called as a modern resting place for our departed loved ones such as the Viewing Chapel and Columbarium.  Not only that, the lush greenery, man- made lagoons and waterfalls make this place a piece of "heaven" and "nature" combined. 

Viewing Chapel

Inside the Columbarium

To sum it all up the Aeternum Garden Columbary Park is a garden oasis made from top grade construction materials. It was constructed following a good Feng Shui environment. The place is a very convenient location with ample parking space which is usually a top challenge to the rest of cemeteries around the country especially when Nov 1 comes. It has   numerous lamp posts and ambient relaxing music that even you visit at night you would feel safe and secure. It also has coffee shop with wi-fi internet which I liked a lot.

What Aeternum Garden sets apart from the rest of cemeteries in the country is that it promotes cremation of the dead body instead of burying it. The answer is very practical - the ashes kept in an vault saves so much space than the remains inside a casket which takes decades to decompose.  This idea is very much practical in a populous city like Manila. 

Mr.Vincent Mercado, the Managing Head of Aeternum Garden
The ATAT Racing Team whom Vince is also a member
Yes they offer affordable packages too if you think this sounds expensive to you. I was told a thousand a month or so is the cheapest. For more details please check below: 

Address: Aeternum Garden Columbary Park 
Event Hashtag: #columbariumphilippines

C5 corner Bayani Road Heritage Park Area 2 Taguig
Tel: +63 401 1303
Facebook : Aeternum Columbary 
Twitter: @AeternumGarden
Instagram: @AeternumGarden 

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