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Kaye Cal Performs at Liv Co's Storyahe

It was the first time I ever got to experience watching a live streaming online show and a podcast as well dubbed as "Storyahe" by Liv Co. Lifestyle. Led by two very young hosts, this show features local emerging artists who have so much potentials and talents to be the next big thing. Started just over a month ago, I joined them in their third episode aired on October 2nd with Kaye Cal as the guest performer.

To those who do not know her, Kaye Cal is one of the grand finalists of Pinoy Got Talent Season 1. She was once the vocalist of the band Ezra from Davao. Kris Aquino who was one of the judges of the competition said that she is one of her personal favorites. Her band also earned the 24th Awit Awards: Best Performance By A New Group. Now venturing her career as a solo artist, I think she posses everything to have a successful career as a singer and artist soon. 

Her looks has a hint of Chinese heritage. She is pretty skinny and has a fair skin. Her hair reminds me of Justin Bieber's ... just a little longer. She looks so reserved and jolly while trying to exchange conversations and jokes with the hosts.  I was already feeling sleepy when she started strumming her guitar and singing. Boy, my drowsiness faded away! I love every songs she sang especially my two personal favorites: Rude by Magic and All of Me by John Legend.

While talking with Franz (Liv Co's representative) and Ting (Kaye's road manager)  who are both checking out the live traffic of Storyahe's streaming site, I realized we were not the only ones swept away by her song. Her fans online keep on sending comments and song requests while they watch her perform.  She keeps on getting messages around the Philippines and abroad like Thailand, Korea, Australia et c. The words of applause seem are nonstop during the entire show.  Some is even asking her to sing at their upcoming family occassions.

I myself felt thrilled and carried away by the love songs she sang. Her voice is very cool though she did not do some belt out tunes but still she manages to have us captivated just singing the way she does it. She had me reminisce some "love" moments in the past and if there's a hashtag I can describe for that it is #RelateMuch.

To view Kaye Cal’s #Storyahe Performance here:
Her official page:
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  1. way to go Ms Maria, we share the same titillating thoughts on Kaye Cal