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Salarium: A Payroll Software That Declutters Your HR & Admin Dept By Providing Employee Self-Service Option

Aside from blogging, startups and entrepreneurship are two words I am also very much interested with. In fact I always make it a point whenever I can to join events around the metro that features startup founders and entrepreneurs sharing their success stories.  I am always fascinated how they make a difference by building a product, usually an app to solve problems. 

One very good example is Salarium, a payroll software which is a Latin word for salt. Back in the Roman Ancient times, salt is more valuable than gold that soldiers prefer to be compensated by the the first since it is used to preserve food so practically speaking they will not starve if they have more of it.

Judah Hirsch and fellow bloggers
I had the opportunity to talk with the Founder and CEO of Salarium, Judah Hirsch last Sunday with fellow bloggers. He shared to us how this payroll software is an almost perfect tool to decentralize administrative processes.

Salarium knows the agony of every employee when it comes to payroll processes. Every month thousands of hours of every companies HR is needlessly wasted conducting basic administration functions in their offices. Because of the nature of Human Resources and the confidentiality involved in many company filings, tasks are piled on to HRs workload that distract and devalue them from their true purpose. Salarium doesn’t want to reduce HR administrative tasks, it wants to completely eliminate them.

“By giving every employee user a controlled ability to file and administer their own administrative tasks, we take 100s of tasks that take HR 5-10 min each and give a 1-2 minute task to 100 individuals.” “Smartphone penetration is climbing ever higher in the Philippines as companies are introducing smartphones at less than 1,500 Php. This means nearly every employee has a computer in their pocket more powerful than what sent the rocket to the moon. Any business that doesn’t capitalize on that opportunity is missing out.”

There are 3 things worth-knowing about Salarium: 

First, employees have instant access to their information. Employees demand for their information in the mobile age is growing faster and faster. Companies are trying to keep up with delivering the information in time but are seriously hampering administrative processes to do so. Salarium finds these bottlenecks and completely eliminates them from HR. In SAL Payroll employees have access at their fingertips. They can view past payslips, see leave balance, loans due, and can file requests from their phone.

Second, saving the environment, one business at a time. Salarium’s solutions not only automate offices but have a positive side effect of saving the environment. By significantly reducing the need for paper and manual filings companies can reduce on their carbon footprint and save on their bottom line as printing and ink costs continue to rise.

“Our goal is to see the end of pen and paper in the office.” The founder said on Salarium’s goal at a paperless office. 

Third, representing the Philippines at Seedstars World. Judah looks forward to bringing their platform and the Philippines to the international scene representing the Philippines Seedstars World Final Event in Switzerland this February. The first place prize at the competition is $500,000.00. “We aim to show them that Filipino engineers are capable of building world class software. I plan to make some noise for what startups are doing here in the Philippines.” Hope he wins!

Salarium logo
Hirsch has been living in the Philippines for 9 years and is only 30 years old. He has no Filipino blood but he considers himself at least part Filipino making it easy to work with his team of engineers who work together on every aspect of Salarium’s products. Upcoming features will include marriage of hardware and software as Salarium will be releasing a series of apps specifically built for android based fingerprint biometric devices.

Salarium will be available as a mobile app soon. To experience the advantages of using SAL Payroll, visit or email Salarium at

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