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The Blogapalooza 2014: The Biggest Business to Blogger (B2B) Networking Event in Manila

If there's one big blogging event that I always look forward, it is the annually held Blogapalooza. It is deemed as the biggest Business to Blogger (B2B) networking event where you can showcase your brand, products or services to online influencers, top bloggers, Facebook personalities, Twitter superstars, Instagram icons as well as to our TV, radio, newspaper and magazines covering the event. I always look forward joining this event and makes sure to be part of even I have a hectic schedule.    This is organized by two of the most famous blogs in the Philippines: by Vince Golangco and by Anton Diaz.

 I had so much fun checking out every booth and trying out their games. Most of these brands were familiar because they were also present last year but what made this year more awesome is the addition of  digital marketing agencies tapping bloggers to join their wide database for future collaboration.  One of them is a PR marketing firm that is southeast asian wide so imagine if you are chosen to do a campaign which will give you the chance to go abroad and be part of an international gig? 

And of course I would not be hypocrite if I will not say I am quite overwhelmed of the freebies I got from most of the brands. Though compared last year, when it comes to food, this year exhibitors for restaurants and food alike are fewer.   Good thing at the middle of the event, we had to leave for a few hours  to cover another where we had a heavy lunch then went back to the venue.

This is just a handful of freebies that I received.  Blogapalooza was a great opportunity for me to drop my calling cards to every booth that I may work in the future. I hope to receive emails from them soon.

I'm not really much lucky in raffle draws but hey, I won a 12 - hour stay for 2 from Victoria Court. I am really excited to spend a night there.

See you guys in Blogapalooza 2015. I also learned one thing that I will do next year. To take photos of every booth and Instagram it. I noticed that most of the raffles and contests held in the stage are all asking photos of us in the booths of the sponsors.   

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