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The Pinoy Ayurvedic Fiesta 2014 by Sandhi Ayurveda Clinic

Photo courtesy of Dennis Rito

I actually felt like I was transported back to Little India in Singapore (visited in July 2013) last Sunday when I joined the Pinoy Ayurvedic Fiesta 2014. The only difference this time is I was able to eat every single dish served to us because the taste was adjusted according to my Pinoy palate. To give you an idea, the  Pinoy Ayurvedic Fiesta is a feast on sumptuous Filipino and Indian-inspired dishes with a healthy twist. Held at Sandhi Ayurveda Clinic and home of Rev. Dr. Jacob Gnalian, I was inspired once again to eat healthy food.  Living independent and a certified busy-bee, I am thankful to be part of this because I was reminded again that health is wealth and that wealth without health is useless.

Fr. Jacob, an Indian Catholic priest who has been living in the Philippines for 30 years welcomed us in his home and shared a lecture about Ayurveda, healthy eating, cooked for us and gt to eat the most delicious Indian food I have ever tasted.  He runs a clinic which is the first of its kind in the country that aims to heal diseases and ailments of our fellow Filipinos. He uses Ayurveda that offers expertise of Ayurveda practitioners to give complete treatment including Panchakarma therapy in Kerala tradition.

Ayurveda is a traditional medicine practice originated in Ancient India 5, 000 years ago that provides a holistic approach to healthy living. It's primary goal is to promote bodily, mental and emotional health & wellness through healthy lifestyle practices. Since proper diet is very relevant to Ayurveda's teachings, Fr. Jacob showed us how to cook Ayurveda dishes. Preparing an Ayurveda meal means cooking more fresh produce and playing with  basic Ayurvedic spices like ginger, turmeric, coriander, onion, garlic, green cardamom, cinnamon, claws, mustard etc. The smell of the fresh food while Fr. Jacob was cooking made us hungrier than ever.

Finally, we got to these dishes which are examples of an Ayurvedic diet! Really great-tasting and I cannot believe there were no meet or fish included in here.  

Sandhi Ayurveda Clinic also sells tea and eyedrops. Details below:  

Ayurveda Tea (P100)
This tea purifies the blood, refreshes &beautifies the body, makes the bowel movement active, fastens the digestion, quenches thirst.

Ayurveda Eye drop ( P200)

This eye drop relieves congestion, inflammation and improves vision. Occasional use may prevent infection, illnesses and even cataract.

By the way, Fr. Jacob would like to invite everyone  to participate at the 5th AYURVEDA, YOGA AND WELLNESS CONVENTION & EXPO on October 4 & 5 at St. Paul's Convention Center on F.B. Harrison St., Manila. 
Expert Ayurveda doctors from India and Philippines  will join as speakers. Free lunch, snacks and hand outs will be provided. Registration fee is 3000 pesos.  For more details 02-5315789, 09106871406. Doctors available for consultation during the event. About the Schedule and list of speakers, you may click here

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