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The Polecats Manila's 4th Dance Recital, "Stellar Goes Pop"

Part of every grown - up woman's dream is to learn some sexy dancing because of these reasons: to boast her femininity more and/or impress her romantic partner for whatever reason she may have. 

Poledancing is one of those that really helps a woman reach that sexy feeling of being adorned or fantasized. More than wearing those sexy outfit is the woman behind who wants to fulfill one of the epitome of being just herself.  Now here in the Philippines, being a conservative country,  sexy dancing like "poledancing" and "striptease dancing"  are still considered "sinful" to some. I remember days before this event I was asking friends to come join me as Polecats Manilas gave me 2 free tickets to their 4th annual summer dance recital entitled "Stellar Goes Pop". Most of them the first impression is "Really is there such a formal and legitimate class like that?"

Polecats Manila holds the title as the country’s first organized pole dancing group. They also offer a few more classes to aerial silk and aerial hoop classes the past year. I myself as a grown up woman would like to admit that I am very curious like everyone else who came to see the recital about this. I was thinking the women performers will look extraordinarily tall, super sexy with the physique that is comparable to the models of a famous lingerie brand... until the show started. All I saw are women of all shapes and sizes but they all carry this confidence and that they are all having fun. 

While in between taking photos and watching the show, I was able to browse the booklet given to us containing the schedule of performers,  names and a lot about Polecats Manila. On the 20th page it says:

Everyday is a chance to become a better version of you
But the world prescribes a status quo.
Too young, too old, too big, too thin.
You're female. You're male.

Polecats Manila rallies you to reach new heights. 
To lift yourself beyond definitions.
To climb over the mediocre and predictable.
To spin your dreams into a reality.
Because in the end, only you can define who are and what you can do.

Polecats Manila, pushing you beyond limits.
(removing the hashtag)
Very well said!

Aerial Hoop

Aerial Silk
A number of guest performers also made the night dazzling, sexy and hot especially the ones by Aira Bermudez, a former Sexbomb dancer, Sheng Belmonte  and 360 Fitness Club.

I really enjoyed the night. I wanna thank Hanna Villasis, one of Polecats Manila performers and a fellow blogger for the chance to watch it.  Thanks for the Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful make up lesson voucher.Most of all I thank you very much for the one free class pass to a poledance class and one free pass to an aerial class (silk / hoop). Oh my gosh! I will definitely and by all means take this opportunity to learn these in one of your studios.

To those who are interested to try poledancing or aerial silk classes, you may visit their official website By the way this is not limited to girls alone, boys are also welcome to join :)

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