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How to Commute to Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) the Cheapest Way via Shuttle at Genesis Bus Terminal near MRT Taft

For many years the only transportation I knew going to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA)  is via taxi only.  Sure it is comfortable but the cost is really a pain in the ass. If you are always on a budget whenever you travel, taking a taxi going to Manila’s airport is not advisable.  You have to deal with a lot of taxi drivers who don’t want to use the metered way of charging. They ask way higher than the amount that you should rightfully pay if you opted for the meter.  Most of the time traffic is terribly bad especially during rush hours. 

Those barkers especially along MRT Taft are very irritating. I have a lot of awful experiences with these guys who at first appears to be really helpful for you to find a taxi. They ask too much of their “service” and what really irks me the most is while I approach the taxi to come inside, another barker appears from nowhere also trying to open the door behind and pretends that he helped you get that same taxi too! 

So what happens next  is two barkers all waiting for your tip. The fact that you really have to pay the one who really helped you, after you hand the tip, the one pretending to have helped will also ask his share. He will keep on opening the door of the taxi to wait for another tip so you have to lock the door as fast as you enter  for you to be no longer bothered. The first one will run fast as he can of course and they end up fighting. 

A few days ago I have ACCIDENTALLY discovered another cheaper and faster way to reach NAIA. I live in a condo unit along Edsa Avenue between MRT Shaw and MRT Boni so from my starting point, the most effective way to use is via MRT station.  This is a public transportation service, so expect limitations. If you have a lot of baggage, I do not advise you to ride via MRT.  But in my case since I have learned to pack lighter, I only have a one backpack bag that carries my belongings for a trip that ranges from the usual 3 days, to 1 week up to 1 month!  

Like the usual, I always find a taxi after I get off at MRT Taft – the last station nearest to NAIA airport so I can pay cheaper. The taxi that the barker gave to me does not really want to use his meter. I actually asked the taxi driver a split second before I enter the door but he did not answered. Those annoying barkers are rushing to let me in so that they can get their tip the soonest. When the taxi driver started driving, I asked him to please turn on the meter. He said no and insisted to let me pay a specific amount instead. I gave him an angry look and  using a louder voice I said “If you don’t want to turn that meter on. PULL OVER. I will find another taxi.”   After only 3 minutes I get off the taxi and I intentionally did not closed the door behind where I got out because I am really annoyed of what is happening. I run as fast as I can to get to the other side of the street. 

After just a minute, a man approached me and asked where I am heading. I replied I am going to the airport and looking for a METERED taxi. He said how about try the shuttle going directly to airport instead? I stared at him without batting my eyelashes, “Really? Where is it?” I felt he was a hero who saved me for that annoying moment. He replied “Yes. It is located in the other side of the street. The fair is only P20.” He called another tricycle driver to bring me there. Now another annoying moment, he is asking for P70 for a 5 minute ride as he just brought me across the street! I said to myself I had enough with the taxi driver and the barkers so I paid it right away and did not thanked him  because he has overcharged me. I was brought to the Genesis Bus Terminal where the sign says “Airport Loop” with destinations mentioned: Terminal 3, Resort World Manila, New Port City and Mariot Hotel. All those frustrations fade away!

We waited for approximately 20 minutes before the trip and I finally reached the airport the cheapest way! For those who are rushing to take their flights I do not recommend this because this is a shared vehicle going to the airport. Only if you have 1- 2 hours spare before your flight, this is good for you.

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