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Another coworking space in Manila: the newly-opened Honeycomb Manila Coworking in Ortigas

As a freelance entrepreneur gives me a freedom  to work anytime and anywhere I want. I can work in my bed with my laptop and I can answer clients' emails via my smartphone in a coffee shop. 

However this absolute freedom also has negative consequences. The noisy TV, messy housemates and the ambiance of home which to me is a place of rest are my mightiest distrations.

Most of the known coffee shops in the metro don't  have a reliable wifi connection. Their password-enabled internet connection which is often rate per hour is merely for browsing and cannot be used on serious stuff like working online.
Selfie shot with this 10 - foot door! This is  the way to Honeycomb upstairs

A few days ago I read a post online about a newly-opened coworking space, the Honeycomb Manila Coworking which is located along Edsa Ave in Ortigas. I quickly signed up to check the place because it is just 15 minutes away from the where I stay.

Martine De Luna - one of the owners of Honeycomb

What I love about a coworking space is not only it provides a shared physical space for a freelancer like me to work "undistracted" but it is also the limitless of the possibility of collaboration. Why? Because from time to time you get to meet a lot of people there. Who knows maybe you find your next business partner or your next client just a seat away from yours?

A lot of creepy and nasty writings from creative minds who have checked the place!

I also noticed that  it is in coworking spaces that most of Manila's if not the country's known successful entrepreneurs and startup founders frequently hang out. I have been to a number of a coworking spaces within the metro and I am blown away whenever I see one locally known.  Even to the least known you might bump shoulders inside while having coffee and taking a break, you will be amazed to hear their stories on how they left their stable corporate jobs to pursue their passions.

Martine's brother who is also a co - owner

Working at home alone sometimes make me feel a "loner" and that I long to be in a company of like-minded individuals. I have also tried internet cafes but most of them offer service as cheap as the amount I pay.   The top reason why I advocate the idea behind a coworking space, it is because this place is a favorite hangout of digital nomads - those who travel for a longer period of time and works online. Most of them run an online shop and/or an online marketer like myself! They make a living out of their laptops and smartphones of course with a decent internet connection. I look forward to meet them and hear their stories. 

Forgot her name but she was my buddy all throughout my stay there she is a VA at home for 2 years and up!

Not in the photos is Miss Francheska Zimmer-Santos, one of the co-founders of Co.lab another coworking space located who was there too and said she believes there is no competition among coworking spaces because they are the best venues to nurture the entrepreneurship in the country.

Oh by the way, they got the best brewed coffee which comes free with their renting package. It is called the champagne of coffee by Martine's brother. I can vouch for the coffee's blend as I got to taste one. Your drowsiness will surely fade for every cup you drink.

Though Honeycomb Manila Coworking appears to be a bit smaller in space compared to a number of I have seen before, I see a lot of potential because its location is right in front along Edsa Ave. It's literally a place of work. For more information you may check their official website here.


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