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Coffee at work. How do we benefit from it?

When I was a kid, I did not like drinking coffee because I feel like it does not do any good. Every morning I prefer a warm tea or milk and if these are not available, I just grab a hot water instead. 

My mom and late dad are both coffee lovers. They cannot start a day without having one cup at breakfast and another one in the afternoon for merienda. They have no particular brand that they prefer, whatever that is in the nearest sari – sari store will do. We are always budget tight, the cheapest I can remember is two pesos for a sachet good for one drinking. But still they enjoy every sip of it so long as they drink it really hot and strong enough to wake their senses. They’re all good for a  coffee plus sugar combination.  

Their fascination for drinking coffee has never convinced me joining their league though until I started working night shift. This is when I get to appreciate coffee at work. Any kinds of tea and milk contain substances that relaxes the body therefore tell all the senses to rest then eventually to sleep. I cannot in anyway drink any of these in the office!

No matter how I try to get enough sleep so that I am awake all night, I still find myself yawning! This is the start of me drinking coffee all because I need caffeine to stay focused. It is the 3-in-1 coffee that I have loved from then on.

My shift schedule is 10PM to 7AM. I usually grab a cup coffee every three hours to fight the drowsiness. The number of cups increase as early morning comes in. This is when I am at the peak of fighting to be awake up to the last minute of my shift.

Now that I am an entrepreneur who works for myself – anytime and anywhere I want, one legacy that I will always keep is that I have become a certified coffee junkie. Only this time I I chose to be health conscious and preferred brands that are manufactured by farmers of Benguet. I have ditched 3-in-1s to organic type of coffee made of mushroom and ginseng plants. When I have an extra money to spend, I buy really good coffee that are brewed in the highest standard. The cost is quite higher but I deserve some great – smelling aroma for a hardworking person like me. Don't we all deserve at one point in our life, a benefit of a great coffee?

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