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Living in the Metro : Worth the Extra Expense

Swimming pool in the 15th floor
I’ve been living in Metro Manila for over 6 years now.  Our call center office moved from Legazpi City, Albay to Kapitolyo, Pasig in 2007.  I lived in a dormitory owned by our country manager which costs P1, 500 per month together with officemates from Bicol who also relocated.

 I don’t have much memories of going out that time because I was not familiar of the places around the metro. All I can remember is we used to do a movie marathon and visit the nearby church during weekends.

What people don’t understand about working as a call center agent?

My workstation, 2009
When I was a college student, I never wished to work in the BPO industry. My perception of the people working here is very shallow. I thought all it takes to work as a call center agent is the ability to speak a foreign language particularly English. I said to myself I did not finish a two-year diploma and a four-year course just to work by taking calls from the other side of the world.

I also pitied those who are degree holders and board passers but ends up working in call centers. I was looking forward to land to my dream job right after college… but just like them life has become uncontrollable if not unpredictable.  Though I had a scholarship grant that helped me finished college, my parents filled the gap of what my sponsor cannot such as support, efforts and money for miscellaneous things. I knew I have to find a job as soon as possible to help my family. I ate my words and chose to be practical. I found myself applying for a job I once hate!

Riding the MRT at Rush Hour

It’s like suicide. This is how I describe riding the MRT at rush hour. I live in a condo unit along Edsa Ave. in between MRT Boni and MRT Shaw. No matter how I despise riding in the MRT’s, I still use it for two things: it is cheaper and it is the fastest way to go around the metro. Commuting during peak hours is the most dreaded time to see a long line of people buying tickets, a big crowd waiting for the train to stop by and a way bigger crowd compressed inside.

I thought this is a common sight for a public transportation system… until my trips to Singapore and Malaysia proved me wrong. I can say that they have the best public train stations in the world. Now if these two countries can, why can’t our government do the same? Even during rush hours, everything is very organized. It is great to see people who work in the office commuting rather than using a private car. I even saw one who was checking briefly his emails via his laptop looking very secure just like he is at his own workstation.  I mean here in our own MRT’s can anyone do this?

The Perks Of Being A Long – time Call center agent

In the office, 2010
The very first impression of friends who knew that I lasted for eight long years in the BPO industry is they assumed that the office I worked has the best perks for a long-time call center agent like me. I told  them the outsourcing company I was employed is just the same as the rest of its kind in Manila. We only have one regulation and compensation rules for everyone even for a newbie or a tenured one like me. 

Actually as the company grows older each day, the rules become tight especially whenever the US economy goes down, our commission rate is lowered and any unnecessary gratifications are stopped. The worst scenario is a retrenchment.

Aside from the P1, 500 transportation allowance, I could not think of anything more. Being a senior agent, I and along with my old colleagues has also been curious about any retirement plan for us… this is the best perk for a company to give to employees who spent so many years to them. Sad to say,  this benefit is always a work in progress. 

Coffee at work. How do we benefit from it?

When I was a kid, I did not like drinking coffee because I feel like it does not do any good. Every morning I prefer a warm tea or milk and if these are not available, I just grab a hot water instead. 

My mom and late dad are both coffee lovers. They cannot start a day without having one cup at breakfast and another one in the afternoon for merienda. They have no particular brand that they prefer, whatever that is in the nearest sari – sari store will do. We are always budget tight, the cheapest I can remember is two pesos for a sachet good for one drinking. But still they enjoy every sip of it so long as they drink it really hot and strong enough to wake their senses. They’re all good for a  coffee plus sugar combination.  

Their fascination for drinking coffee has never convinced me joining their league though until I started working night shift. This is when I get to appreciate coffee at work. Any kinds of tea and milk contain substances that relaxes the body therefore tell all the senses to rest then eventually to sleep. I cannot in anyway drink any of these in the office!