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My Airbnb Travel Bucket Wish List

A few months ago I booked a roundtrip flight Manila to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam this coming October for 5 days. A friend suggest that I can add Siem Rep Cambodia and Bangkok Thailand in my bucket list as they are just borders away from each other. I figured out I will spend 5 days in Ho Chi Minh, 4 days in Siem Rep and 5 days in Bangkok then drop by in Chiang Mai. I am now on the lookout to book a cheaper flight for my return via Bangkok to Manila. 

My reasons why I want to go at these places are to go on exotic food trip (about soup and noodles). Vietnam is rich when it comes to culinary far from what we have here in the Philippines.  I think I had enough of beach and heritage kinds of trips. Second is these countries are haven for digital nomads - those who travel for a longer period of time from a place to another and works online at the same time. I would love to meet more of them.

I am also looking forward to book a  food crawl from a highly-admired blogger slash traveler whom she calls herself a soup expert. The cost is quite a bit more compared but I don't mind paying as I am paying for an expertise of a world traveler woman who calls Saigon her second home. I have not booked my accommodation yet since I have been busy taking care of other people’s trips as the founder of this online travel shop for local tours. I wake up in the morning and sleep at night answering inquiries all about trips! 

This morning I think my problem about finding accommodation has been answered already when I checked my email from Nuffnang’s newsletter which I subscribe. It is about Airbnb, a portal for finding and listing accommodation around the world. I remember last year when we went to Singapore and Malaysia, it was also our biggest problem of finding a portal for accommodation where we can compare the categories quick and not lost in the ocean of Google search pages. I don’t want to experience that again. 

 I have already signed up at Airbnb and would love to share you my Travel Bucket Wish list and a screenshots of my choice:

1. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam –  Cannot wait to learn about the city through their noodles and motorbikes this October. 

2. Siem Rep, Cambodia – I realized that from Ho Chi Minh it will only take 2 hours to get to the border crossing then another 13 hour bus ride to Siem Rep.

3.  Bangkok, Thailand – From Siem Rep I can also cross border to reach Bangkok for 7 hours.

There you go,  I never thought booking an accommodation is this easy thru Airbnb. The prices are very affordable from private room, to shared room to the entire place. I also love their  tagline which is “Airbnb connects people to unique travel experiences, at any price point, in more than 34,000 cities and 192 countries”. I can vouch to this becauseas I navigate via my registered account, everything is organized according to categories that are not difficult t use for first – time customers.  I just cannot really wait for October to come for this trip to happen!

To those who are looking for an accommodation or there is a space space in your house that you'd like to be rented out, you can check them via  or check their official hashtag  #MyAirbnbBucketList via various social media accounts.

Airbnb is also inviting YOU who loves to travel. Earn up to P4, 374 for everyone you invite as well. Send a friend ₱1,093 Airbnb credit. You'll get ₱1,093 when they travel and ₱3,280 when they host. You may sign up HERE to earn money while travelling!

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