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Good Food Community Delivers Fresh Veggies & Fruits At Your Doorstep

I have been living in Manila as an independent woman for the past 4 years. I love it. But if there's a big challenge that I am yet to overcome is the opportunity to eat nutritious food.  I do not have much time to prepare my own meals. I really have a hard time to finding the right combination of vegetables and fruits I need  to stay healthy.  

Yes there are a lot of available food shops in every corner of Metro Manila but the risk of getting a clean and safe source is an issue that should given a huge importance.
A few weeks ago, I joined "Muni Market Day" an event about promoting healthy living. They also featured cause - driven businesses that were founded not just to make money out of it but to change lives and make a difference.  One of those that totally got my attention is Good Food Community. They deliver fresh organic products straight from Tarlac and Benguet at your doorstep for a particular fee.  

As soon as I got home, I quickly checked them online. I also feel  I need to share this to everyone who is a busybee like me but also really making efforts to stay healthy by eating MORE fresh vegetables and fruits.  Most of all we get to help Good Food Community and the farmers behind these.

What is Good Food Community?

·  communities around a more caring culture where folks make responsible choices about their food,
·  communities who are informed about the impact of food choices on the lives of farmers; and
·  communities that develop a deep respect for the environment even in the limited confines of the city 

Unlike the usual fruits and vegetables available at supermarkets and local markets, the ones they have are not bombarded by enhancers, fertilizers and pesticides. They may have occasional hole in the leaf or worm, still these are yummy, healthy and safe.

Hub and Pick-up Rules

You could pick an existing hub that you would like to join.
You may also form your own hub within the Metro provided you have an establishment that would allow veggies to be housed from Tuesday to Wednesday AND minimum of 6 subscriptions that are coterminous with each other. 
You may opt in for motorcycle delivery where, depending on where you are, could range from 150 and up depending on your distance from the motor delivery hub. At the moment, we only service the Quezon City and Makati hubs. One delivery box could comfortably fit a maximum of 4 bayongs. :)

Pick up is every Tuesday at around 2pm and veggies will be delivered continuously until your last delivery day unless you inform us about skipping or pausing your subscription on 12 noon of the Saturday before the next delivery day. 

Since organic veggies are highly perishable, veggies may stay in your respective hub up until Wednesday only. Hubs have discretion on what they wish to do with unclaimed veggies.

The Farmshare Options

Veggies will be of highest quality vegetables in season and will be grown with love. Contents of sets are the following:

Bayong Pambahay - approx 3.5 kg of leafy and hearty vegetables
Salad Pack - approx 0.5 kg of salad greens and the surprise fruit of the season
Juice Pack - larger cuts of leafy veggies with a lemon and a hearty veggie perfect for juicing 

Set A** - Bayong Pambahay at Php350/week for 12 weeks (Total: Php 4200)
Set B** - Bayong Pambahay at Php400/week for 4 weeks (Total: Php 1600)

Set C - Salad Pack at Php200/week for 12 weeks (Total: Php 2400)
Set D - Salad Pack at Php250/week for 4 weeks (Total: Php 1000)

Set E - Juice Pack at Php180/week for 12 weeks (Total: 2160)
Set F - Juice Pack at Php230/week for 4 weeks (Total: 920)

**initial order of Bayong Pambahay needs 100pesos additional for two bayongs used for deliveries. Each bayong must be returned the following week :)

The Philippines is an agriculture - rich country but seems that a farming profession is belittled. A work only for the illiterate group of people. As a matter of fact, the average Filipino farmer is 57 years old.  But if time comes that we lose all the farmers that we have, I don't think we'll live longer than we really wanted.

For more information you may check their official Facebook Fan Page here. All the image and information are credited to Good Food Community.

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