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MUNI Market Day: A Celebration to Patronize Filipino-made Productst

If there's one Filipino idiosyncracy that I wish to banish forever, it is the misconception of most of us that all products abroad are always far superior than what we have here. I remember when I was a child whenever a relative returns home or send stuff back, the whole family eagerly awaits for their share of pasalubong. Whatever that is, so long that it is a foreign brand, most of the time we brag about it.

When I took the path of entrepreneurship to follow my heart's desire to run an online shop, I realized creating a business is not always about making money. If you want a business that will last for a long period and positively change lives, it should have a purpose deeper than making a profit out of it. 

I have been to a lot of meetups and heard countless entrepreneurs around the metro even read tons of how their humble beginning stories... all goes back to finding one's passion and turning it to a business. 
The MUNI Market Day is one great example of a venue  where our very own filipino - made products are showcased to the public and get to know the sucessful people behind these. I also loved the concept of having talks about healthy lifestyle via promoting organic products and building more conscious - driven businesses.  There were 12 brands participated: Edgy Veggy, The Daily Jusa, Tsaa Daloy, Lotuspod, R&R, Tala Luna, Gouache, Good Food Co, Lagu, Custom - made Crafts, Gawad Kalinga and Nipa Food.

Here are a few of my favorite brands:

Rags to Riches sell bags and pouches designed by famous local designers and crafted by needy women around the country

Tala Luna shoes
Tala Luna is a stylish local handwoven  fashion for daily use like shoes, boots and flats


Lagu prides itself  selling the world's first beach towel that repels sands
Good Food Co
Good Food Co, delivers veggies and smoothies every Tuesday straight from farmers in Tarlac and Benguet

The Daily Jusa, sells all natural cleansing package

Theo and Philo Artisan Chocolate

Theo and Philo Artisan Chocolate, a chocolate brand blended with lots of "outrageous" flavors like siling labuyo, ginger, calamansi but boy they taste so awesomely great!

Melomel sells
Tsaa Daloy
Tsaa Daloy sells teas that helps our body to feel good inside and outside such as ginger saffron (relaxing detox), centella mint (awakening) and calming (tanglad)

Also able to witness two talks that celebrate healthy living through food. The take aways I learned that day was we filipinos should not be ashamed to make a farming as a profession. We should make more efforts to eat fresh food like vegetables and plants.

The second talk celebrated the promotion of entrepereneurship to each one of us.Gawad Kalinga has a program that offers mentorship, support and connections to anyone who has a life - changing idea that can transform into a sustainable business.

I enjoyed a lot. I bought teas from Tsaang Daloy, chocolate from Theo & Philo and not shown in the photo is a bottle of detoxifying juice from Thedailyjusa. Also I am planning to subscribe to Good Food Community's veggie deliveries because I have no time to prepare my own. 

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