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Riding the MRT at Rush Hour

It’s like suicide. This is how I describe riding the MRT at rush hour. I live in a condo unit along Edsa Ave. in between MRT Boni and MRT Shaw. No matter how I despise riding in the MRT’s, I still use it for two things: it is cheaper and it is the fastest way to go around the metro. Commuting during peak hours is the most dreaded time to see a long line of people buying tickets, a big crowd waiting for the train to stop by and a way bigger crowd compressed inside.

I thought this is a common sight for a public transportation system… until my trips to Singapore and Malaysia proved me wrong. I can say that they have the best public train stations in the world. Now if these two countries can, why can’t our government do the same? Even during rush hours, everything is very organized. It is great to see people who work in the office commuting rather than using a private car. I even saw one who was checking briefly his emails via his laptop looking very secure just like he is at his own workstation.  I mean here in our own MRT’s can anyone do this?

I remember seeing one post from Facebook that goes like this "An indication of a rich country is when rich people uses the public transportation often instead of riding in their own cars". I also love people following proper train etiquette while going up and down the escalator. Those who are rushing to reach the end, takes the right side and walks faster. Those who are not, takes the left side forming the rest a line so they can enjoy the slow pace of the moving stairs.

I pity those who use MRT’s every day for work. I know the feeling. I have learned the art of squeezing in between the quickest way possible to get in. Good thing I have petite body and that’s a great advantage but not everyone has the same physique like me. But still, If there’s other option I would rather not ride MRT’s during rush hour. I hope our government  do something to fix this.

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