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Living in the Metro : Worth the Extra Expense

Swimming pool in the 15th floor
I’ve been living in Metro Manila for over 6 years now.  Our call center office moved from Legazpi City, Albay to Kapitolyo, Pasig in 2007.  I lived in a dormitory owned by our country manager which costs P1, 500 per month together with officemates from Bicol who also relocated.

 I don’t have much memories of going out that time because I was not familiar of the places around the metro. All I can remember is we used to do a movie marathon and visit the nearby church during weekends.

After roughly over two years, we acquired another outsourcing office based in Makati. The management decided that we join them so that we will only have one office for our customer service and sales department. Since we hate commuting and traffic, we also decided to start looking for another space for rent.  In 2009 we moved to an up-and-down house with 2  rooms for P10, 000 per month located in Brangay Pio Del, Pilar, Makati.

We liked it so much because our new office along Ayala Ave is only 15 minutes by walking via Salcedo Street.  There’s only one thing that I hate. When the heavy rain comes,  expect a flood that is waist- deep!

When our office has reached a nearly thousand employees including other departments, the management again decided to find a cheaper but bigger space for us. They found on along Edsa Ave, Boni near MRT Guadalupe so since we want to save more, we also decided to find another space for rent.

We found one along Edsa Ave as well just 15 minutes by walking to reach our new office. In 2011, together with the same housemates in Makati, we rented a studio-type room in the 24th floor of a condo unit in between MRT Shaw and MRT Boni. The bills and the rent cost are higher than our previous accommodations but we prefer the security of the place above anything else. Plus we are just a stone’s throw away from the MRT bus station along Edsa Ave. We live just right in the heart of the metro!  We are approximately 20 minutes away from Makati, Pasig, Ortigas and The Fort.  

When we transferred here in this condo unit, I can say from my own experience that living in the metro is worth the extra expense. We all work hard for ourselves and family so it does not hurt that we deserve a bit of comfort.

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