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The Perks Of Being A Long – time Call center agent

In the office, 2010
The very first impression of friends who knew that I lasted for eight long years in the BPO industry is they assumed that the office I worked has the best perks for a long-time call center agent like me. I told  them the outsourcing company I was employed is just the same as the rest of its kind in Manila. We only have one regulation and compensation rules for everyone even for a newbie or a tenured one like me. 

Actually as the company grows older each day, the rules become tight especially whenever the US economy goes down, our commission rate is lowered and any unnecessary gratifications are stopped. The worst scenario is a retrenchment.

Aside from the P1, 500 transportation allowance, I could not think of anything more. Being a senior agent, I and along with my old colleagues has also been curious about any retirement plan for us… this is the best perk for a company to give to employees who spent so many years to them. Sad to say,  this benefit is always a work in progress. 

I think the “perks” for a long – time call center agent like me can be expressed in a more personal tone. Since I knew most of my coworkers, the environment becomes smooth because we know each other for a longer period of time. No need to take some time to adjust on each other’s moods and differences. I don’t feel extra awkward or too conscious when I talk to the bosses anymore. When it comes to tasks, no matter how the process changes from time to time, I feel that I can do it without so much effort of learning.

For anyone who is eyeing for a call center job, you should really make efforts to know the perks of the company before applying. That will make a huge difference.

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