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How Ranting on Facebook and Twitter Backfires

During Google Plus event with a friend, 2014

I live online. I cannot pass a day without checking my social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, Instagram and Foursquare. Back when I am just an ordinary social media user, I post anything and anytime I want.  This includes a simple headache, a fluffy heartache, a family feud, a disgusting officemate et cetera. Even the smallest sudden outburst of emotion, I post it online too because I somehow fell a relief after.

Everything changed when I became a blogger, entrepreneur and online marketer. I started to be careful of what I post. My social media accounts especially Facebook and Twitter have become exact representation of me online. Aside from friends and family, my clients, business partners and respected people from different fields of interests are in my social media list that is why gone are the days of ranting nonsense because I have to project a professional image.

Rants posted online won’t solve the problem. If you really want your concern be solved, take actions by getting in touch with the persons concerned. If the message is too sensitive and can offend others, better not post it online if you are not ready to face the consequences. You will just gain haters and you might be easily judged  just like that.

Instead of ranting online,  I suggest you post stories that inspire, facts that fascinate and thoughts that bring good vibes. The best time to share these kinds of information are during peak 

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