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113th Philippine Independence Day Activities

It's been one hundred and thirteen years since we had our first taste of independence! Now in the age of social media and internet when only few people appreciates our Philippine History and often tagged as old and old-fashioned, let's make a difference. History is also for the young people. Because soon we will be part of history too and a bridge to the coming generation.

Here are some of the Philippine Independence Day activities the younger ones may not find it boring: Sinekalayaan (free movie shows) and Musikalayaan concerts, Martyrdom of Dr. Jose Rizal: A Lights and Sound Presentation (free guided tour at Rizal Park) and free LRT/MRT rides on june 12 (specific time). Anyway when your heart is into something, nothing is boring to do so have a heart that has passion for our past!

For complete details of activities, please click here from the National Historical Commission of the Philippines

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