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Lilianne Cobiao of Wanderlass’ Round the World Trip

“When your 35, still single and have saved enough then why not travel around the world?” says Lilianne Cobiao a blogger of Wanderlass who plans to go around the world solo in backpack style. Her trip doesn’t have a fixed itinerary but more like wherever her feet will bring her. She didn’t know how many particular countries and for how long will she stay on each but most probably would touch all the seven continents in the world and will be for a year.

This trip she said was planned two years ago but it took her only last March to do serious researches like getting visas, what country to start with etc. She happily shared her discovery that there’s actually a lot of countries we Filipinos doesn’t need to get a visa at all to go there.

Lilianne is an active member of Couchsurfing, a social networking sites of travelers. She said she will has booked her first one-way ticket to Israel first where she hosted Israelis in her home in Quezon City. She emphasized that travelling is not staying in posh hotels  and going to a certain place’s first class spots but its about walking in the dirty streets, seeing a flea market, going to the terrains,   catching a sunrise in that side of the world or trying their weirdest food!

Best of all it is all about talking to the locals: sharing them your stories and them too, learning their culture and being part of them at least for some time.  To read her official blog post about it entitled  her RTW (Round the world) trip entitled “The World is My Oyster” please click here [Photo of Lilianne giving a talk in R.O.X Philippines last June 1st at Bonifacio Global City Taguig]

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