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Bataan Nuclear Power Plant for Nuclear Tourism

"This will be the only tourist-friendly nuclear power plant in this part of the world," Dennis Gana, spokesman for state-owned power firm Napocor that runs the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant. Described as  one of the country's most expensive and troublesome burdens,  this nuclear power plant will be revived for Nuclear tourism to pay for the Philippine site's maintenance budget and also to show it is very safe place.

Built almost 30 years ago under  former Pres. Ferdinand Marcos that costs $2.3 billion, Bataan Nuclear Power Plant never produced a watt of energy. Uranium was actually trucked into the site in 1984.  The plant was closed in 1986 when Marcos was overthrown in a revolution. Visitors are assured there is no uranium at the site -- the nuclear material was sold in 1997 at a huge loss of $35 million.

The  entrance fee is P20  or $.50 cents to Bataan Nuclear Power Plant. For complete details you may read ABS-CBN's  Philippines launches nuclear tourism By Karl Malakunas, Agence France-Presse. You may click here.

[Photo courtesy of THE TECHNOLOGY REVIEW]

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