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Taal Lake is 1 of 12 World's Most Beautiful Lakes in the World

Taal Lake is the deepest lake in the Philippines and home to one of the world's smallest but most active volcanoes. Not only that, Yahoo Travels' 12 Most Beautiful Lakes in the World by Beth Collins ranked Taal Lake number 4th in the list. It also mentioned that "plenty of tour groups offer trips to the natural wonder—in spite of the fact that it has been declared a permanent danger zone."

This post gave me idea to share a few photos of our Taal Lake Adventure last Aug. 2009 with friends & officemates.

Tagaytay Zipline and Cable Car


Can't remember where is this exactly at Tagaytay


An old wooden & cracked bench I find so mysterious to look at inside a resto in Tagaytay


A pair of identical wooden chair that is sitting opposite to each other


These flowers remind me of ...

The Gang!

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