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Authentic Filipino Dishes for Budget Conscious Foodies

If there's one thing that I look forward whenever I travel aside from the scenes as the top reason is the local food of a particular place. When I went to Cebu for 28 hours only, the memories of that "lusty" Cebu pork lechon still linger somewhere in my tongue up to now. In Cagayan de Oro, I was shocked by the fondness of the locals in anything about grilled seafood but the best is the grilled chicken made by a local brand. I am looking forward to eat a "sinful" plate of pork bagnet again in Ilocos when I visit this place this November. And come next week I will be in Bacolod and Iloilo. Whew, I am drooling already of what new dishes I will have there!

Filipino taste is really a mix of different cultures. When one goes to an island and hops to another, the flavor of the same dish is different that is why our Filipino food culture is one of the richest among the countries around the world. This fusion of tastes was made possible through Filipinos’ innate versatility to adapt to different flavors. Whether sweet, sour, salty, bitter or spicy no one can ever describe Filipinos love for food.

Inside the Resto
Our rich and dynamic Philippine history paved the way for us to be considered as one of the best destination in affordable and delectable local food tripping. Aside from our wide foreign menu range, we also have the skills in cooking unique Filipino dishes that we can proudly call our very own.

For balik-bayan, foreign tourists and pinoy food explorers, searching for budget friendly meals without sacrificing authentic and native taste is probably at the top of their minds as they revisit the country. Aside from the restaurant’s ambiance and service, this said criterion is another important thing these people are looking for and considering because they believe that this will give them a 
perfect dining experience.

Since it is impossible to hop on a plane in a moment's notice just to buy the pork lechon of Cebu or the pork bagnet of Ilocos, it is good to know that there are fine dining restos in the Metro today that serve affordable authentic Filipino dishes. Amesiac’s Grill in Malate, Manila is one of them. They serve home-cooked Filipino cuisine at an affordable price through Groupon’s restaurant coupons.

The venue is specially created for those who are looking for the best five-star food experience at a three star cost. They have festive, tasty and stomach satisfying dishes for the whole group. Get your spoons and forks ready as we try to dish out some of the must try in their menu.

Sizzling Squid
Price: Php 240.00
An authentic Filipino seafood dish, their sizzling squid is topped with crunchy onion rings, mixed with flavorful sauce that is oozing in flavor as it sizzles in a plate.


Price: Php 170.00
Perfect this cold and rainy season, GisingGising is a must try for foodies who are extremely looking for a genuine “Filipino Aphrodisiac” and “pulutan”.

Another dish that should not be missed when you visit here is :
Garlic Kangkong and Crispy Bagnet
 Price: Php 190.00
Truly Ilocadia’s pride, Crispy Bagnet is a pork belly boiled into perfection and then fried until the outer skin is crispy while maintaining the juiciness of the inner meat. Alongside this mouth watering dish is a healthy and fiber-rich “kangkong” topped with garlic as it complements “Bagnet’s crispiness as part of your main course.

I am sure that aside from these local delicacies, you’re also looking forward in trying out other exotic and delicious meals in their wide menu range. You can also get huge discount by purchasing restaurant discount coupons at Groupon Philippines’ website. Don’t miss the opportunity of embracing the Filipino culture; dine at Amesiac’s Grill in Malate, Manila your family and friends now!

Note: This is a sponsored post by Amesiac's Grill.


  1. Great, Informative and entertaining as well. I was about to envy you about your 28 hour trip in Cebu! I really want to go there and explore the city. I also like the personalities of the Visayans and I thought that I was one of them in my previous life. Weird isn't it? Anyway, you seemed well travel around the Philippines. Haven't you tried exploring Asia? Maybe soon! Hope someone can get you as a guest blogger maybe in "POP TALK (GMA News TV) and who knows?

    Congrats for that great article!

    1. Oh that 28 hr trip in cebu was my birthday. instead of doing the same thing making handa & inuman (brokenhearted pa) i packed my stuff and head somewhere. cagayan de oro i did it over the weekend + a day VL.

      once your bitten by the travel bug, you'll find yourself going places. DO IT SOLO BACKPACKING. IT'S THE BEST. next year will be my plans abroad :)

  2. WOW! This got me starving Rona! I just recently stumbled upon your site and I congratulate you for having authenticity on your posts. You write really well and that is had to come by these days. Continue writing and I am looking forward to more posts from you.

    1. thank you *blush* *blush*

      to tell you the truth. most of these are written in a hurry so excuse me for a few grammatical errors and stuff.

      i have a full - time work that eats my life entirely so i can't give nothing much than a slice of my time for blogging

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