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I Am Featured as a Phenomenal Filipina in!

Did you know that in early days of Internet the keywords "Filipina" and "Pinay" when googled in search engines mostly return dating sites, sex scandals & pornography-related contents? Sucks, yeah! Meaning there is nothing much positive that represents these keywords in the online world before. How did I knew it? Well, late of 2009 when I was searching for a name of this blog I just started without knowing what will I blog about after. A group of Filipinas who are very active online campaigned to their very best and encouraged every Filipinas to write more positive content about these keywords may it be an article, photo, video audio etc. Being a full-blooded filipina myself or pinay in short, I know I had to do my part so this is the explanation why I ended up naming my blog www dot iampinay dot com or in other words i am a filipina. I hope I kept the screenshot of the Page one Google result as a proof way, way back but I can't find it anymore. 

My blog's old logo
I am glad to name my blog this way and so are the rest of websites and fellow blogs out there. As of today the keyword "Filipina" in Google's page 1 top rank returns is still about Filipina Dating, Filipina Singles, Filipina Brides & Filipino Women. Please allow me not to divulge the link or name of its site because this post is written anyway about the other images of the women in the Philippines. But it is good that there are positive ones that are "fighting" for the other image like Filipina Images - Reshaping the Filipina Image and Filipinas Online - The Community Journal for Filipinos Worldwide so on and so forth.

For the keyword "Pinay" in Google's page 1 top rank is - A Site for and by Filipinas. This blog is a collection of information regarding Filipinas who are making a positive difference in her own way. The owner of this blog is a fellow Filipina who is one of the earliest local bloggers back when the Internet is only a privilege to a few and social media was not born yet or I think the terms have not even coined yet. I cannot remember how and Perla Paredes-Daly, the owner of this site became friends on Facebook. Just a few weeks ago, she sent me a private message via Facebook to feature me as one of the Phenomenal Filipinas and I am speechless. Not because I am overwhelmed but really can't believe someone has noticed my blog which I am not expecting much traffic since this is about mostly "forgotten" stories and "dead" people.

This is by the way the first I got "acknowledged" and to think that's Facebook Fan Page has 11,000+ fans. So far I really did not know what direction this blog is following. I just blog my heart out and trying to make a blog about Philippines’ heritage, culture and tourism but the lighter version. One that only touches the practicality of what we are Filipinos today.

This blog will not focus on the what-when-where kind of details but more on how and why side. If we can talk about history without focusing more on dates and names, we will be in the same page. This blog only provides like a snapshot type of story and therefore does not aim to compete with Wikipedia or any other sources of information.

So here am I crossing my fingers to be blogging for as long as I can. I am also dreaming of doing collaboration with other bloggers and avid fans of "forgotten" stories and "dead" people. I am looking for those who, preferably not those big time but small ones into local craftmanship, arts, designs etc. that promotes the Philippines culture and heritage. It could be a painting, a furniture, a work of art I can feature here to promote their stuff. In this way I believe I am spreading our country's own brand and our own identity.

If you have any ideas to add further to what I have in mind please, please let's collaborate! We can talk over a cup of tea or a light beer maybe! I wanna see every houses in the Philippines advocating our own brand. I have been to many houses thousand times to different people but I feel stranged I feel I am outside the Philippines. Our colonial mentality is still lurking in some parts of us. But of course I have nothing against foreign brands, I only want to emphasize our own identity. Call me exaggerated but I still dream of seeing our houses still with Capiz window shells and stuff! Please call me or call my attention maybe I know YOU got more ideas better than mine.

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