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The Bulusan Lake in Bulusan Volcano Natural Park, Sorsogon

travel guide to bulusan lake sorsogon

I have been to Bulusan lake a few times ago back when I was a student but I have no photos back then,  bringing only memories of a greenish lake surrounded by thick mountains that offer a sight full of tranquility and bliss. Many years have passed I never had a single chance to visit this place again until I learned that slowly it is gaining more attention to the rest of the country and beyond. I even read an article online that it was dubbed as the Switzerland"of the orient by foreign tourists because they got enchanted by its pristine perfection and the coolness of the Mountain breeze it brings. One proof that it is being recognized in our country's effort to boast tourism when the Miss Earth 2013 contestants visited the place recently. Me too I hope in my own way I can spread the word.

DIY itinerary guide to bulusan lake sorsogon

Finally just this July, I was able to see this place again with Mom, my sister Issa, my brother's wife Ann with our niece Bink.  This time I made sure that I have a camera to capture the moments and the advocacy to show to everyone that this place is worth the visit. The moment that I stepped inside, I still love the place. It looked just the way it was before. The Bulusan lake is very much preserved because the lush mountains that surround it brings out a vibe that I felt the same the first time I came here.

bulusan lake national park sorsogon

The lake of Bulusan is one of the two lakes that can be found near the Bulusan volcano. It is located at 340 meters above sea level, with a circumference of about 2000 meters, depth of 33 meters and an area of 16 hectares inside the Bulusan Volcano Natural Park (BVNP). We were welcomed by colorful boats that are absolutely photogenic!

bulusan lake activities

We are lucky that we went there during off - season so we own the lake entirely! There are a lot of things to do in Bulusan Lake:

1. Boating, kayaking and canoeing 
The best way to appreciate a lake of course is to go and float in its water. For approximate of 40 minutes, you can go around the lake and experience the serenity of the place. You will see strange-looking birds that roam near the lake, different kinds of fish that pops out of the water, and towering trees. If the water is clear, try to see fish nets deep down the lake.  

bulusan lake history

2. Lake trekking
If you prefer to walk leisurely, you can also walk for about 40 minutes by following the circular path to see the lake from a distance. Just make sure you have a guide with you and be extra careful of the surrounding as there are a lot of stray animals that can come your way like a snake. This is just a small reminder but I don't mean to stop you from doing this.

3. Nature photography
Please don't come here if you have no camera, seriously! This place is like communing with the nature. From the lake, to the mountains and everything else... you will surely capture a moment worth posting in your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest etc.

bulusan sorsogon resort

4. Camping
At present they don't have fully - equipped rooms to spend a night there but you can camp in the front of the lake. Just bring extra clothes because the weather is pretty cold.

bulusan lake in bulusan sorsogon

Here are a few things to note when going to Bulusan Lake:

diy guide to bulusan lake sorsogon

Entrance Fee
Adult P20
Elderly and Children P15

Operation hours:

Seven days a week during business hours

Boat rentals

Kayak (2 guests) P100 each
Kayak (1 guest + 1 guide who will paddle) P150
Boat  (up to 5 guests + 2 guides who will paddle) P600


Aside from camping inside, for your convenience you may stay at the Bulusan Crystal Spring Resort which is located just right beside the main entrance of Bulusan lake. The room rates ranging from P1, 300 to P7, 000.

How to go to Bulusan from Manila

By airplane: 
Book a flight to Legazpi Domestic Airport in Legazpi City, Albay. 

By land: 
Manila to Bulusan
You can take bus from Cubao Araneta Center bus terminal for a 10 - 12 hour ride. The rate is from P500+ to P1, 000+ per head. Elavil Tours Philippines Inc offers a direct trip to Bulusan.  

Manila to Legazpi City

You can take a bus from Cagsawa Travel & Tours Corporation, Isarog Lines, Philtranco, Pe├▒afrancia Tours & Travel Transport, Inc. etc. 

Legazpi City to Bulusan
First take a bus from Legazpi City Central Terminal in Tahao Road or via van at GT Express Van Terminal in Daraga to reach Sorsogon City. From Sorsogon City, take a jeep or bus bound to Irosin or Bulan.

Should you ride via Bulan, tell the driver to drop you to Irosin.  If you want to ride a jeep, it costs P8.50 per head or if you want to rent a tricycle (good for 5-6 persons) it is P150 total.
Travel time is 20-30 minutes.

From the main entrance that says "Bulusan Volcano Natural Park", if you hired a private vehicle such as the tricycle you will be brought straight to the entrance of Bulusan Lake. If rode in a jeep, you will need to walk from the main entrance of BVNP up to the lake for 20 minutes.

If you want a more - adrenaline pumping adventure in the town of Bulusan, you can climb the Bulusan Volcano itself  or  join the "Bulusan Volcano Three Lakes in a Climb". Here you get to see three lakes: the Bulusan lake, Aguingay lake and the Sharp Birds lake. For a detailed list of Bulusan tour escapades, you may contact and check  

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