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The Kapeng Barako Club: Samahan ng mga Bitter play by Juan Ekis

Wow I am watching a Palanca - award winning play in a coffee shop! At first I doubted. Look it this way, how is it possible to stage a play when the usual coffee shops are smaller in space? I thought, ok I think they're going to put a small stage in the middle then we gather to around to watch them.

When I arrived at Third Cup Cafe, the coffee shop venue it is already full.  I looked around. No stage. I asked the staff "Where are they going to present the show?" She said and smiled. "Here." Then a familiar face called my name. Finally I have someone whom I can share the table with.

I looked around again. Every table is occupied. Everyone is chatting and having a good time enjoying their cup of coffee. Until a guy called our attention, that the show is going to start. But I don't see a stage nor the shadows of the casts! Then to my right, a guy and a girl started a conversation loud enough for everyone to stop talking. Just two tables apart from where I sit, another two guys followed a conversation . Ok I got it. The play has started. They made the plot in such a way that the characters and the audience blend together. I feel like I am just eavesdropping in their conversations. Love it! It's like I am part of the story itself. I can feel all the emotions connecting to my senses right away.

The Kapeng Barako Club: Samahan ng mga Bitter is a play about a group of friends who love hanging out in a coffee shop. They love coffee and they all have different stories of love and bitterness. Speaking of, everyone has gone to these stages in our lives so the play can totally relate to each one of us.

This play - Kapeng Barako Club: Samahan ng mga Bitter,  is a mix of our every day encounters. Published in 2009, won a Carlos Palanca award in 2010, this is a story written before the social media bloomed so no traces of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can be found stealing the scripts of the characters. All throughout the play, I hear the audience burst in laughter, giggle over a cheesy line and most of all found themselves in one of the characters. 

Juan Ekis is the one wearing black right most

With that I'd like to invite everyone to watch Kapeng Barako Club: Samahan ng mga Bitter written by Juan Ekis this coming September 6th at Third Cup Cafe.  Just a hint, it is best to watch this with your friends or a loved one. 

This coming Sept. 6th they will stage the show to the public. For reservations please contact 63 9084328837 and email / The seating capacity is only 40 so make sure to grab a ticket asap. Cost is P500 with 1 free drink.

You may get in touch via their official Facebook Fan Page here.

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