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7 Tips in Using Tinder, A Dating App

I'm a social media addict. Just like my fellow millenials (people born from 1980 to recent) , I love smartphones and other handheld devices. My fondness to startups and entrepreneurship has led me to be deeply infatuated to our generation's most famous apps. Recently out of curiousity, I found myself downloading Tinder, a matchmaking app and of the most talked startups online. Speaking from a lady's point, I see nothing wrong using this app to find someone interesting and the rest is all up to ourselves for what is going to happen next.

Actually this is my first time I tried a dating app because I hear a lot of negativity in this kind of service. That most of the people here are just looking for quick hookups and those who are desperate to find a partner. But I think  it is no longer our business to mind others how they personally use Tinder or any other dating app.Remember one - night stands happen between two consenting adults, otherwise it is called rape. 

A screenshot of Tinder via desktop
To those who is not familiar about this, Tinder is a dating app that uses Facebook profiles to find a match. From dozens of photos near your location, you can swipe left if you don't like the person or swipe right if you find interesting. If both of you happened to swipe right, congratulations you are now a match! Easy peasy right? Let me now share you 7 tips on how to use Tinder:

1. Don't worry it only takes a few minutes to set up an account via your Facebook profile.
Yes. You don't need to enter any other details. Your age and photos from your profile album are automatically copied. In no less than a few minutes, you are good to go.

2. Make your profile photo stand out by showing the real you.
It is frustrating to see a profile photo of a logo, cartoon character, celebrity and so on. If I can only yell at them I will say "Get the heck out of Tinder, if you are coward enough to show yourself!". Again this is a dating app and this is all about getting to know you by a complete stranger. Pick a photo of yourself that is at least half - body or close up of you smiling.

3. Your succeeding photos must tell more of yourself 
When you liked a photo, chances are you would want to see more right? Make sure that your succeeding photos will show more of yourself like your hobbies, passion and interests. You will be glad to know that those who will swipe right of your profile are those whom you share the same interests.

4.  Put a short  but descriptive summary of yourself
I've read one that says "Let me be your Mr. Grey". While every girl I know dreams of meeting their own version of Mr. Grey including myself, it is not something that should be offered right at the moment.  Why not put more decent labels like well - traveled, chef, piano player or Muai Thai fanatic?

5. There's no way you will be stalked outside Tinder
Given that you found someone going beyond the line, Tinder only displays the first name and your age. Except if both of you share the same friends, their names will be displayed. If you are totally stranger to that person, without knowing any other information unless you give it, you are safe.

6. Ladies, don't hesitate to make the first move
Don't play hard to get. Don't be afraid to send the first message of saying hello so you two can start the conversation the soonest. However know your worth and don't come cheap. You know what I mean.

7. Be straightforward and use your common sense.
Guys (even girls) looking to get laid for a night. You will encounter a lot of them via dating apps. If you feel you are being harassed or being taken advantage of (unless you are looking for one as well), be straightforward and cut the strings as soon as you can. Of course it takes a lot of common sense to know what a person's intention is so just remain open - minded always.

Please be reminded that I am not representing Tinder nor I am a dating / romance expert, these are just my two cents. Just go ahead and enjoy using the app. If in the first time it did not work, go back and swipe again. It's 2014 already. There's so much going on for you to be pressured of what makes you happy or not. Just have fun and be aware of the consequences.

PS. This is going to be the first of the many posts I will do for apps of today. Oh btw, in a few weeks I am about to meet for coffee one of those who also swiped my photo. Wish me luck. :)


  1. my friend makes a first move and she got rejected.

  2. Sounds Intersting..Good luck with the app..:)

  3. This cracked me up! I have NEVER heard of Tinder, now I am anxious to click back over and read the entry from today!
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